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Circling the solar sphere in search of new worlds and high adventure.
Captain James T. Kirk—Assigned to the top position in Space ServiceStarship Command—Kirk alone must make decisions in his contact with other worlds that can affect the future course of civilization throughout the universe.
Science Officer Spock—Inheriting a precise, logical thinking pattern from his father, a native of the planet Vulcanis, Mr. Spock maintains a dangerous Earth trait… an intense curiosity about things of alien origin.
Yeoman Rand—Easily the most popular member of the crew, the truly "out-of-this-world" blonde has drawn the important assignment of secretary to the captain on her first mission in deep space.
With a crew of 400 skilled specialists, the mammoth space ship Enterprise blasts off for intergalactic intrigue in the unexplored realms of outer space.



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  • This book uses the titles "Charlie's Law" instead of "Charlie X" and "The Unreal McCoy" instead of "The Man Trap", using the original script names for episodes.
  • The first edition of the book carried the simple title Star Trek. When Bantam began publishing more novelisations by Blish, the book was retitled Star Trek 1.
  • The cover art for this book is taken from the publicity artwork used by NBC to promote the first season in the fall of 1966 (several other NBC series were featured in similar artwork). The painting depicts the characters as they appear in the second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", although that episode is not adapted in this volume.


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