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Kirk, Spock, Bones and the others of the Enterprise find a deadly Eden, discover elemental life forces and planetary death wishes, and even meet Abraham Lincoln and Genghis Khan, as they speed through space on new assignments into the unknown.

The Savage Curtain[edit | edit source]

Stardate 5906.4: Kirk and Spock are forced into a battle of good and evil.

The Lights of Zetar[edit | edit source]

Stardate 5725.3: Zetarians threaten Lieutenant Mira Romaine.

The Apple[edit | edit source]

Stardate 3715.3: The crew discovers a paradise controlled by computer.

By Any Other Name[edit | edit source]

Stardate 4657.5: Extra-galactic beings commandeer the Enterprise in an attempt to return home.

The Cloud Minders[edit | edit source]

Stardate 5818.4: Kirk is forced into negotiating peace on Stratos.

The Mark of Gideon[edit | edit source]

Stardate 5423.4: Kirk is abducted by aliens who wish to use him to help solve their overpopulation problem.

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  • Title: Die Lichter von Zhetar
  • Subtitle: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise, Band 6
  • Publisher: Goldmann
  • ISBN: 0123456789X
  • Translator:
  • Published: 1987

Reprints / Other Issues:

  • As a part of:
    • Title: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise. Der große Sammelband II
    • Publisher: Goldmann
    • ISBN: 3442236711
    • Translator:
    • Published: 1993

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