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On their latest missions, Starship Enterprise and her crew journey to a glaciated wasteland where beautiful women rule; defeat the ferocious double of Captain Kirk on board the Starship; visit an eerie planet where it's always Halloween; and even dare to go beyond the edge of the galaxy.

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  • Title: Der Doppelgänger
  • Subtitle: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise, Band 8
  • Publisher: Goldmann
  • ISBN: 0123456789X
  • Translator:
  • Published: 1987

Reprints / Other Issues:

    • As a part of:
    • Title: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise. Der große Sammelband III
    • Publisher: Goldmann
    • ISBN: 3442236738
    • Translator:
    • Published: 1993

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