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The Star Trek Annual 1983 was the thirteenth in a series of Star Trek Annuals published in Great Britain, most of which were published by World Distributors Limited. This annual was published by Stafford Pemberton in 1982 and contained two reprinted comics from the Gold Key Comics range.


  • "To Err Is Vulcan"
  • "Operation Con Game"
  • Spock's Maze
  • Star Trek Wordsearch
  • Race Through Space
  • The Wrath of Khan
  • Uhura's Crossword
  • Spot the Difference
  • Shade the Dots
  • A Picture to Colour
  • Pin-Up Page
  • Answers



  • This collection was published during marketing for The Wrath of Khan with imagery and titles for the 2285-era film on both covers. An airbrushed painting of the refit Enterprise in a nebula was printed on the interior covers and three color photos from the film appeared on the center spread. The remaining content was set in the decade of the 2260s.
  • The collection included nine pages of games, coloring book pages and puzzles.
  • The final book in the series, Star Trek Annual 1986, would revert to being published by original series' publisher World Distributors Limited.



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