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Travel with your favorite Star Trek III characters into five new and original short stories. Join the Enterprise crew as they take their crippled starship into orbit around Azphari, where they meet the strange and dangerously curious people of that planet in "The Azphari Enigma." Go with Lieutenant Commander Uhura to her home in the United States of Africa where she finds her past and present colliding in a life-and-death struggle in "The Jungles of Memory." And on the drab and frozen planet of Osler, meet 7-year-old Pandora, sole survivor of an experiment gone wrong, a child with powers and the willingness to use them to protect her privacy and the secret she must hide in "As Old As Forever." These stories and more will thrill and enthrall all Star Trek fans!



  • Some stories are clearly set following the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, even though there is some inconsistency to the events of The Search for Spock (such as the Enterprise being described as undergoing repairs, whereas in the movie she was mothballed upon the crew returning to Earth). Some stories are set during the Original Series era, with "As Old as Forever" apparently occurring immediately before the episode "All Our Yesterdays."


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