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The Star Trek III Sourcebook Update was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA. In addition to update material detailing events and equipment seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, it included a stand-alone scenario, "Lost and Presumed Dead".


The Star Trek adventure continues…
Bring your Star Trek role playing universe up to date with the official Star Fleet Sourcebook Update. It gives all the information necessary to play your games at the time of the movies.
This supplement contains a complete time line from the beginning of Earth's space history to the time of Star Trek III. Also included are detailed sections on the changes made since the time of the TV series in the governments of the Klingons, Romulans, Gorn, Orions, and Tholians. Sections on the UFP and Star Fleet Command, complete with photographs and illustrations, give the latest information on uniforms, insignia, equipment, sidearms, and shipboard systems. A starship recognition file gives pictures and data for the Enterprise, the Bird of Prey and the other starships. The personnel file gives the updated statistics on your favorite characters from the movies.'
In addition to all this, a complete adventure — "Lost and Presumed Dead" — is included so you can use all the new information.




Christine ChapelPavel ChekovJames T. KirkKlugeCarol MarcusDavid MarcusRichard MastersonLeonard McCoyRandolph E. MorrowJanice RandSaavikMontgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghSpockLawrence StilesHikaru SuluClark TerrellNyota UhuraRobert AprilNeil ArmstrongJohn ChristopherZephram CochraneWillard DeckerGarth of IzarGuardian of ForeverIliaEdith KeelerGary MitchellChristopher PikeOnto RanturaSarekGary SevenV'GerKojiro Yance

"Lost and Presumed Dead" characters

BahrrrChal'n DaxTalia JanovichRichard MastersonPreyeJuliet RodriguezSamuel RodriguezR'RandrrT'NarraXepesnaflying parasites

Starships and vehicles

USS EnterpriseUSS ExcelsiorUSS GrissomECS Kobayashi MaruUSS ReliantUSS RepublicSW-7 shuttlecraftS-10 travel podSamson-classK't'inga-classD'Gavama-classSS Botany Bay (DY-100-class) • USS Constitution


Alpha CentauriEarthJapanLunaArmstrong CenterEarth SpacedockRegula IStyx RiftBeta PortolanIngraham BLevinius VTheta Cygni XIIBWCC98-IV

Races and cultures

AndorianAugmentCaitianEdoanHumanKlingonVulcanAlpha CentauranOrganianRomulanTellariteTholian

States and organizations

First Alpha Centauri ConferenceGorn AllianceKlingon EmpireOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireScience Council of LunaTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of AmericaUnited States Air ForceUnited Nations

Other references

Eugenics WarsFundamental Declarations of the Martian ColoniesGenesis DeviceGuardian of ForeverNomadprefix codewarp drive



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