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Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the entire Enterprise crew have devoted all their lives to galactic exploration and fighting interstellar evil. And now, here they are, as you've never been able to read about them before!

Though larger than life, they are also human. Through official letters, records, space logs, diaries, and other declassified materials their remarkable stories and personalities will come alive. Discover their infinite dimensions!



Joseph BoycePavel ChekovVincent DeSalleJohn GriffinJames T. KirkMarjorie Wimpole KirkAshikaga KiyomoriJohn KyleAnatas Voroshilov LvovCharlene MastersChristopher PikeJanice RandAnton Sergeyevich RykovMontgomery ScottRobert Braffyll ShawSpockNyota Uhura
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Maureen AbneyLloyd AldenWendy AllhumanRamona AroesteJames BarrGeorge BearcloudKathleen BromontBenjamin CamachoRaymond Capelli-12Aleksei Mikhailovich ChekovArthur ColemanJoel CostaDian Ardmore CrainNancy CraterRobert CraterArthur D'AmatoAlder DanielsonMary DarnleyHarris DaystromRichard DaystromJosé DominguezUrsula DunnMarjorie EllersonKarissa EnzenbacherFrances EvansFlintTeresa FlynnAlana FrisbieIrina GalliulinElaine GranadaAmanda GraysonJames GregoryArt HagenRichard HammondR. N. HarrisonKalea Graef HatoyamaRichard HobergLeigh HudecAlfred HumeKangR. I. KhatisianEugene Claudius KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.Michele Suzanne KirkE. D. KleinKorobSimon KrushevskyLinda Feng Kuo-changHelen KyleLarekElinor LeeEdward LeslieJanice LesterM'Umbha MakiaMarc Daniel MankewiewiczRussell D. ManningDavid MaranoCarol MarcusDavid MarcusRobert Tomlinson MartineRandolph MastersJohn Meredith MathesonElizabeth Ashley McCoyJoanna McCoyLandor Abney McCoyMelissa Jane McCoyRobert Edward Lee McCoyTom NellisCarolyn PalamasKalisher PelzHolden PikeVirginia PikePaul PiperClegg PitcairnDamu PuaPatricia Cook RichardsKevin RileyDiane RussellCatherine RykovaVincent SandersonSarekThomas SchermanAnthony SchneiderJames McNeil ScottMary Darnley ScottRobert Burns ScottAreel ShawYuan-Shih-changCasimir SigismundLewis SingerVsevolod SkoropadskyKamehameha Fujiwara SuluLiliuokalani Dani SuluLiholiho SuluSylviaDavid Thorne-KailuaMorgan TraceyGalen TrippMalcolm Marien UhuraLawrence Van CottDoreen WebbertJames Sperry Webbert


AberdeenBeta Epsilon IIIFarside BaseHawaiiKenyaLunaM-113MauiMoscowNairobiRussiaScotlandShiKahrTerraUnited States of AfricaVulcan (planet)Wailuku

Races and cultures

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Referenced only
Baldric plantVegan circle-birdVegan sicanosaurVulcan scal

States and organizations

Benford UniversityLeonid Ilyich Brezhnev Educational ComplexStarfleet AcademyThomas Jefferson Elementary School

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