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Star Trek Log One, Log Two, Log Three is the first omnibus of TAS Star Trek Logs novelizations by Alan Dean Foster. For this set released in 1993, Del Rey Books collected three Logs per volume over three volumes, omitting Log Ten.

Publisher's description

For the first time, all three books in one volume! Nine thrilling adventures starring Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise!




  • The collection's cover shows three mini covers representative of Star Trek as a whole rather than of the stories within the omnibus. While the Log Three cover depicts the nonspace universe containing Megas-Tu, the Log Two cover showcases a Klingon bird-of-prey, which did not appear in TAS.
  • Its Log One cover features a D7-class battlecruiser, which did not appear in those three stories, though Romulan battlecruisers did appear in the Log Two story "The Survivor". This artwork by David Mattingly became the full cover to volume 1 of Pocket Books' 1995 omnibus Star Trek Logs 1-3.
  • Del Rey followed up with a second omnibus set in 2006 that collected five sets of two Logs per book.



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