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The Star Trek Logs are a series of books containing novelizations of Star Trek: The Animated Series episodes, published by Ballantine Books between 1974 and 1978. The entire series was written by Alan Dean Foster; he adapted three episodes per book for the first six volumes, followed by four books that each expanded a single episode into an entire novel.

The ten books have been reprinted a number of times, including several omnibus releases. The first omnibuses were published by Del Rey Books in 1993, each book contained three of the original Logs, with Log Ten not reprinted. In 1995 Pocket Books also issued omnibuses, collecting two sets of three, and the final book containing all four of the final Logs. Most recently Del Ray again reprinted the books, as part of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2006, this time collecting five sets of two Logs per book and adding a new introduction by Alan Dean Foster.


Title Contents Published Cover
Log One June 1974 Logs One.jpg
Log Two August 1974 Log Two.jpg
Log Three December 1974 Log Three.jpg
Log Four February 1975 Log four.jpg
Log Five July 1975 Log five.jpg
Log Six February 1976 Log six.jpg
Log Seven June 1976 Log seven.jpg
Log Eight July 1976 Log eight.jpg
Log Nine January 1977 Log nine.jpg
Log Ten January 1978 Log ten.jpg


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