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The Introduction to Navigation that came with the Star Trek Maps

Star Trek Maps was an in-universe reference work published by Bantam Books in 1980. It was the first Star Trek publication devoted to stellar cartography with fold-out maps, and was released five years after small region maps appeared in the Star Fleet Technical Manual. Subsequent works incorporating 22nd and 24th century information would be released in Star Charts (2002) and Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library (2013).

Publisher's description

From the back cover
Four deluxe wall maps suitable for framing in stellar four color, pinpointing all the Federation planets, Neutral Zones and beyond. Plus: Official 32-page technical manual.


  • Introduction
  • The Charts
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Location of the Federation
    • The Grid System
    • Chart Symbology
    • Astrogation Maps
  • Navigation
    • Navigation Computer System
    • Position Determination
    • Course Calculations
    • Aids
    • Support Facilities
    • Deep Space Procedures
    • Near Space Procedures
  • Regulations
    • Ship Requirements
    • Deep Space Operations
    • Near Space Operations
  • Voyages of the Enterprise
  • Appendix: Star System Data


Chart A: United Federation of Planets

Chart B: Quadrants

Chart C: Enterprise Zone of Patrol

Chart D: Enterprise Zone of Patrol



Micah BrackZephram CochraneRobert CraterGarth of IzarJohn GillKodosJohn MasefieldPlatoAlonzo RichterC.J. RichterSten

Starships and vehicles

Archon-classAuroraSS BonaventureColumbus (class F shuttlecraft) • Constitution-classUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • DY Class sleeper shipFesariusUSS HorizonKlingon battlecruiserIKS KlolodeLafayettePlanet killerRomulan bird of preySpace CruiserStarlinerTholian web-spinnerSS Valiant WodenYonada


Stations and outposts

Epsilon Outpost (Outpost Epsilon 1Outpost Epsilon 2Outpost Epsilon 3Outpost Epsilon 4Outpost Epsilon 5Outpost Epsilon 6Outpost Epsilon 7Outpost Epsilon 8Outpost Epsilon 9Outpost Epsilon 10Outpost Epsilon 11) • Starbase 10Starbase 11Starbase 18Starbase 26

Stars and systems

15 Lyncis40 EridaniAcadiaAlpha CentauriArgus systemAriannusAxanarBeta TauriClarke's StarCoridan systemDimorusElbaHalkaHivehomKobolMacGregor's StarMakusManarkMelkotMote PrimeNew CaledoniaOmicron CepheiPal's StarPsi 2000 systemPyrisRigelSahndaraSol (Sol system) • Talos star groupTHX-1138UFC 325877UFC-113Wolmer AWolmer BWolmer's Starunnamed stars and systems
Stellar classification
O class starB class starA class starF class starG class starK class starM class starR class starN class starS class starpulsarneutron starblack holebinary startrinary starvariable stardwarf stargiant star

Stellar regions

Andromeda GalaxyMilky Way Galaxy (Carina-Cygnus ArmKlingon Neutral ZoneMurasaki 312Orion ArmPerseus ArmQuadrant 0Romulan Neutral ZoneSagittarius Arm)

Planets and planetoids

Acadia IIIAlfa 177Altair VIAmerindAmyclaeAnomalyArdanaArgus XAriannus IVAxanar IIBaBabelBeta Tauri IICaitDimorus IVEarthElba IIEminiar VIIHalka IIHivehom IIIHolberg 917GLunaM-113MacGregor IIIMakus IIIManark IVMegaraMelkot IIMoneMote IINew Caledonia system (New Caledonia IIINew Caledonia IV) • Omicron Cephei VIOrgania IVPsi 2000Pyris VIIRigel IRigel IIRigel IIIRigel IVRigel VRigel VIRigel VIIRigel VIIIRigel IXRigel XRigel XIRigel XIIRomulusRuimSaisSherman's PlanetTalos IVTanisseTohUFC 325877 IIVendikarVulcanWolmer A IIIWolmer B IVZion
Planetary classification
class A gas giantclass B gas giantclass C reducing planetclass D planetclass E planetclass F planetclass G silicate planetclass H planetclass I planetclass J planetclass K planetclass L planetclass M planetclass N planetclass O planetplanetoidmoon


HeliopolisNew AberdeenNew PrincetonNew SacramentoOphiuchus colonyTantalus Penal ColonyTerra FourTerra Five

Races and cultures

AndorianBeingDeltanDenebianDenevanDrellaEkosianExcalbianGornHomo hansoniiHuman (GreekNative American) • KaferianKalarKlingonKrellMedusanMelkotianOnlyOrganianOrionPlatonianPreserverRegulanRomulanScalosianTellariteTholianTriskelionUrsulianVeganVulcanZeonZetarian

States and organizations

Federation (StarfleetStarfleet Command) • Gorn HegemonyKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireTholian AssemblyUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyVulcan Science AcademyVulcan Space Central

Science and technology

archeologyastrogationbiologybuoyCentral Navigation Beaconcentral processing unitcommunications relay stationcomputerdeflectorenvironmental suitfeudalismgenetic engineeringIndustrial Scalelibrary computerlife support beltlife support systemmemory banknavigation sensornavigational computerrecorder-markersciencestar chartstarshipstructural integrity fieldsubspace radiotelescopetimetransporterwarning buoywarp drivewarp fieldweapon


kilometerlight-yearparsecquadrantsectorwarp factor (warp fourwarp sixwarp eight)

Material and energy

antimattercarbonic aciddilithiumgasionkironidelightmattermineralorepergiumsodium chloride

Ranks and titles



Aldebaran shellmouthandroidAntarean drywormBerengarian dragonCanis AlfaCapellan power catDimorusiandogdragonflying parasiteDikironium cloud creatureinsectoidkoalalifeformMellitusnon-corporeal lifeformRegulan bloodwormRegulan eel birdsandbat


Comparative Planetary AnthropologyFighting StarshipsFundamental Declarations of the Martian ColoniesGeneral Order 7Navigation TechniquesOrganian Peace TreatyThe RepublicSea FeverSpace Operations HandbookStatutes of Alpha IIITheory of Relativity

Other references

20th century22nd centuryanimalasteroidasteroid beltastrogationatmosphereAxanar Peace MissionBerthold radiationcaverncivil warcivilizationcolonycometcommerceconstellationcoordinatesdaydecadeelectromagnetismenergyfarmingFederation Security Councilfive-year missionFour Years Wargalaxygovernmentgravityhumanoidhyper-aginginsigniaInterstellar Communications Networkion stormK-class space stationM-raymagnetic fieldmagnetismmatterminingnavigationnavigation beaconnebulaNew Aberdeen Naval YardsNomad probenovaoceanorbitoutpostoutpost monitoring stationplanetplanetary classificationplantplasmaPrime DirectivepsychokinesisquadrotriticalequasarradiationRichter scale of cultureRomulan Neutral ZoneRomulan Warshipyardslaveryspacespeed of lightstandard orbitstarstar chartstar systemstarbasestarlinerstellar cartographystellar classificationstellar nomenclaturesubspacesynchronous parking orbitTan Rutechnologytelepathytreaty boundary quadrantUFC catalog systemVegan choriomeningitisVegan Tyranny


1 million years ago 
Extra-galactic civilization left androids on planet Mudd
10,000 years ago 
The star Fabrina went nova
c. 1930 
Nuclear war destroyed the civilization on Omicron IV
Early 21st century 
Mars became independent
c. 1950 
Earth Human civilization rated E+ on Richter scale of culture
Seventh planet of Alpha Centauri explored by starliner UESP Enterprise
Development of warp drive by Zephram Cochrane
Original cochrane units established, equating warp speeds relative to the speed of light
Flying parasites destroyed the civilization on Lavinius V (200 years ago)
Great Awakening on Argelius (two centuries ago)
Ceres expedition lost near Capella
Disappearance of Zephram Cochrane
Late 21st century 
SS Valiant launched
Starliner Lafayette colonized New Paris
~ 2140s 
Flying parasites destroyed the civilization on Theta Cygni XII
c. 2147 
Theta VII colony established
22nd century 
Terra Four colony established in Alpha III system
Deneva colonized
Period of the Romulan War
Rigel admitted to the Federation
First contact with Sigma Iotia, by the USS Horizon
Terra Five colony established on Eta Serpentis VI
Cait admitted to the Federation
Antos admitted to the Federation
Catulla admitted to the Federation
Rigel V admitted to the Federation
Discovery of Theta Cygni XII
Tiburon admitted to the Federation
Edos admitted to the Federation
Merak admitted to the Federation
Beta Cygni II colony established
Beta VI colony established p24
Early 23rd century 
Terraforming and colony established on Planet Q
Aldebaran admitted to the Federation
c. 2213 
Tarsus IV colony established
Alpha Majoris system discovered
Ardana admitted to the Federation
Merak II colony established
Argelius admitted to the Federation
Memory Alpha established
Daran admitted to the Federation
Memory Alpha opened to the public
Beta Ophiuchi admitted to the Federation
Wrigley's Pleasure Planet founded
Aurelia admitted to the Federation
Cygnet admitted to the Federation
Period of the Four Years War
c. 2248 
Neural discovered
Mantilles admitted to the Federation
Orion slave trade reportedly ended
2249 (2250s
Axanar admitted to the Federation
2260 (2264
Omicron Ceti III colony established
Medusa admitted to the Federation
2260 (2264
SS Valiant's recorder-marker was recovered by the USS Enterprise
2259 (2265
Ingraham B civilization destroyed by flying parasites
Quantum II advancements made to warp drive
2261 (2267
Organian Peace Treaty signed
2262 (2267
Babel Conference held to consider Federation admission for Coridan
2262 (2267
Malurian civilization destroyed by Nomad probe
Delta admitted to the Federation
2263 (2268
The star Minara went nova
2263 (2268
Population of Gideon estimated at 500 billion prior to plague of Vegan choriomeningitis
2263 (2269
The star Beta Niobe went nova
2263 (2269
Memory Alpha sections destroyed by Zetars
2264 (2269
Coridan admitted to the Federation
stardate 1704.2 
The USS Enterprise traveled from Alfa 177 to Psi 2000, 46.4 parsecs distant on a direct bearing, but had to plot a course around a black hole located at coordinates -44.3, -33.9, 46.1.
stardate 3013.2 
The Enterprise traveled from Starbase 11 to Talos IV, 57.93 parsecs distant, bearing -27.47 mark 236.04.
stardate 3372.7 
The Enterprise rerouted from Altair VI to Vulcan by traversing two space lanes.
stardate 4842.6 
The Enterprise attempted to divert an asteroid from colliding with Amerind.



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