Star Trek Omnibus, Volume 2 is a comic book omnibus published by IDW Publishing in 2009, it contains the entire Star Trek: Early Voyages series, originally published by Marvel Comics in 1997 and 1998.

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From the back cover
Taking place ten years before James T. Kirk's famous "Five-Year Mission," Star Trek: Early Voyages showcases the exciting adventures of Captain Christopher Pike and his team aboard the USS Enterprise. Including a new perspective on fan-favourite "The Cage", Original Series crew appearances, and Pike's memories of his earliest missions with the Enterprise, this collection contains the entire Early Voyages series, issues #1-17.

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Solicitation cover for the book

  • Due to the omnibus not featuring pages of adverts interspaced throughout the stories, as was the case in the original individual issue presentations, two spreads that were originally presented as a continuous image over two pages have been split: In "Flesh of My Flesh" the crew briefing scene, which originally showed the Enterprise's crew records spread across a surface over two pages is split; as is the panoramic view of Starfleet Academy in "Nor Iron Bars a Cage". All other two-page spreads have been preserved.
  • Solicitations for this book featured a stand-in cover, using Patrick Zircher and Greg Adams' artwork for Cloak & Dagger, part 1.
  • According to an interview with the Early Voyages writer Ian Edginton published in the 2009 Comics International Star Trek Special there were discussions towards writing an afterword for the collection, to explain how the series might have played out; specifically the conclusion of story arc begun in "Thantos" and "Nemesis" which remains unresolved due to the series' abrupt cancellation. Unfortunately "there wasn't time in the end".

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