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This page refers to the 2010 game, for the series the game is a part of see Star Trek Online. For the unreleased version of the game developed by Perpetual Entertainment, see unpublished games.

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) video game released for PC developed by Cryptic Studios. The game is set in 2409, nearly thirty years after the film Star Trek Nemesis.

The game was initially developed by "Perpetual Entertainment" from 2003 until January 2008, after which Cryptic Studios took control of the project.[1]


The game is set in 2409, three decades after Star Trek Nemesis. Players will become either a Federation Starfleet Officer (Either in the Age of Discovery, TOS era or the late 24th century), Klingon Defence Force commander, Romulan Republic captain, or Jem'Hadar First in command of their own starship which they can use to explore the galaxy. Game play will take two forms, that of ship based maneuvers in space, and as part of away teams to starships, planets and facilities.


Initially, Perpetual Entertainment developed the game from 2004 until its bankruptcy in January 2008. The license to develop the game and art assets were transferred to Cryptic Studios; however, the code remained with Perpetual Entertainment and its Perpetual Game Engine.

Cryptic Studios officially announced the development of Star Trek Online on July 28, 2008, as a countdown timer on Cryptic's web site reached zero and the new official site was launched. A letter was sent out from Jack Emmert, the game's online producer, detailing some aspects of Cryptic's approach.

Cryptic originally announced a Windows version of STO. During the Las Vegas conference in August 2008, Cryptic announced that there would be neither Linux nor Mac versions for the original launch, though they did not rule out the possibility of later port releases. Console versions were announced several months before the release, with no specific console platform specified, but Cryptic has since announced that all console versions of their games are on indefinite hold due to difficulties "on the business side of things,"

Star Trek Online was released in North America on February 2, 2010, in Europe on February 5, 2010, and in Australia on February 11, 2010. Customers who ordered the game in advance were able to gain access to the game on January 29, 2010 (before the official release date), via a bonus 'head-start' which was included with pre-order packages.

Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2008

On August 10, 2008, the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention was held at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Leonard Nimoy and Cryptic Studios Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert together revealed the first gameplay trailer, featuring various Federation and Klingon starships in combat with each other and Borg vessels, as well as footage of a Klingon squad boarding a Federation ship's bridge. The release date was not publicly revealed except that it would be less than three years.

Beta test

Star Trek Online's closed beta test officially began when it was announced on October 22, 2009. Cryptic Studios offered guaranteed beta access to users who bought 6-month and lifetime subscriptions to Champions Online. However, the offer did not explicitly state how early in the beta process the access would be granted. Some pre-order packages included access to the 'open beta' running from January 12–26, 2010.

Setting & Story

See also: Star Trek Online (series)

Due to the Hobus supernova and the destruction of Romulus, the quadrant has become destabilized. The Klingon Empire took advantage of the Romulans' weakness, attempting an invasion. The Federation protested this aggression, leading to weakened relations and finally a breakdown of the Khitomer Accords.

A war finally began with the Klingons, whose empire has now expanded to include the Gorn Hegemony, as well as many other states. Meanwhile, there are other forces causing chaos behind the scenes. Species 8472 has returned, and is quietly manipulating the various races of the alpha quadrant. The Borg have begun a new series of incursions as well.


Federation episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial (DSC) Graduation DayRoutine ManeuversTrial by FireThe Shadow KnowsChildren of WarReporting In
Tutorial (TOS) I Sing of ArmsSearch and RescueBull by the HornsDislodging KlingonsThe Taurean AffairEarthward Bound
Tutorial Graduation DayTraining CruiseField PromotionsCommunication BreakdownAssimilation of the Innocent UFP emblem image. Seal of the Federation Starfleet
Agents of Yesterday Explore Earth SpacedockIn the Shadow of CestusPainful OmensReturn to BabelTangled WebsThe Battle of Caleb IV
(Tour of Duty) (Prelude to a Crisis) • (Khitomer Crisis) • (The Price of Liberty) • (Assimilation) • (Gather Equipment) • (Line in the Sand) • Welcome to Earth Spacedock • (Skills Trainer) • (New Orders?)
Klingon War Welcome to Earth SpacedockDiplomatic OrdersStranded In SpaceResearcher RescueSecret OrdersThe Doomsday DeviceThe Galaxy at Large • (Hide and Seek) • (Stop the Signal) • (The Kuvah'Magh) • (War is Good for Business) • (Treasure Trading Station) • (Task Force Hippocrates) • (The Ultimate Klingon) • (City on the Edge of Never) • (Past Imperfect)
Romulan Mystery Heading OutEmpress SelaDesperate MeasuresShadow PlayTaris • (Under the Cover of Night) • (Minefield) • (Divide et Impera) • (Saturday's Child) • (Preemptive Strike) • (Hunting the Hunters) • (Project Nightingale) • (By Any Means) • (Ground Zero) • (Ghost Ship) • (Friend of My Enemy) • (Trapped) • (S'harien's Swords)
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Klingon Empire episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial End of WatchRed Alert!Intruder Alert!Challenge for Command!Your New CommandJourney to Qo'noS • (First City) Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Empire Duties of CommandThe Hunt is OnSpace ChaseManhuntFriend or Foe
Warzone Bringing Down the HouseThe House Always Wins • (Test of Mettle) • (Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning) • (Keep Your Enemies Closer)
Vigilance Mars, the Bringer of WarAlpha • (A House Pursued) • (House on Fire)
Fek'Ihri Return Blood of the EmpireDestinyAfterlife • (The Gates of Gre'thor)
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Romulan Republic episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial A Day on the FarmA Day in the SunVirinat, InvadedFlight from Virinat Emblem of the Romulan Republic.
From the Ashes Explore the FlotillaThe HelixCrossroads at CraterisGasko BluesThe Search for New RomulusTurning PointNeutral No More
Allies The Price of NeutralityMemory LaneBigger PictureSmash and GrabTradecraft
In Shadows An Inside JobEnemy ActionSleepersCloak and DaggerRevelationMind Game
Wasteland Secrets of NimbusThe Lost City of ParadiseBlind Men Tell All TalesThe UndyingA Fistful of GornInstallation 18
Vengeance Voice of the VoicelessAbductedSmall PackagesLast StandThe Best DefenseTurnaboutDevil's Choice
Freedom Toward FreedomThe VaultMine EnemyFrozenColiseumCutting the CordDarkness Before the Dawn
Cross-faction episodes in Star Trek Online
Spectres SpectresSkirmishSpin the WheelWhat Lies BeneathEverything Old is NewNight of the Comet
Wasteland Secrets of NimbusThe Lost City of ParadiseBlind Men Tell All TalesThe UndyingA Fistful of GornInstallation 18
Lost Dominion Lost DominionSecond WaveOf BajorOperation GammaFacility 4028Boldly They Rode
Cold War Cold WarCold CallOut in the ColdCold ComfortCold CaseCold Storage
Romulan Mystery The VaultMine EnemyFrozenColiseumCutting the CordDarkness Before the Dawn
Cardassian Struggle Lost and FoundSpoils of WarJabberwockyThe FactoryThe New Link • (Venture into Deep Space) • (Badlands) • (Suspect) • (War Games) • (Shutdown) • (Rapier) • (Forging Bonds) • (The Long Night) • (The Tribble with Klingons) • (Tear of the Prophets) • (Crack in the Mirror) • (Seeds of Dissent) • (The Other Side) • (Cage of Fire)
Borg Advance Task Force OperationsReport on Borg ActivitiesWhere Angels Fear to TreadA Gathering DarknessAssimilationFluid Dynamics • (Collateral Damage) • (Asset Recovery) • (State of Q) • (The Return) • (A Light in the Dark) UFP emblem image.
Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Emblem of the Romulan Republic.
UFP banner (23rd century).
New Romulus New Romulus AidStaging AreaHidden CameraWarehouseMountain BaseSecret Shuttle CodesOvergrown CavesWeb AccessLatest FindingsThe Power SourceSecrets of the Ancients
Solanae Dyson Sphere Sphere of InfluenceCircles within CirclesSupply WoesThe Contested ZoneThe Omega StandoffTower ControlA Step Between StarsFluidic DestructionSurface Tension
New Frontiers Echoes of LightOf Signs and PortentsSurvivorMirrors and SmokeBrushfireBeyond the NexusMelting PotScylla and CharybdisThe Renegade's Regret
Gamma Quadrant Storm Clouds GatherArmisticeThe SearchDoomed to RepeatQuark's Lucky SevenTenebris TorquentHome
Age of Discovery The Plausibility of the PossibleImpossibility of ReasonSecretsDownfall
J'Ula's Discovery Para PacemIllusion of CommunicationBeneath the SkinSentinelsRescue and SearchWithin The BriarsThe Ninth RuleRuins of DoomThe Measure of Morality
Klingon Civil War The Centre Cannot HoldThe Khitomer DiscordPartisansKnowledge is PowerLeap of FaithWarriors of the EmpireA Day Long Remembered
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Exploration missions in Star Trek Online
"Chart the B'Tran Cluster" • "Explore the Afehirr Nebula" • "Explore the Arucanis Arm" • "Explore the B'Tran Cluster" • "Explore the Betreka Nebula" • "Explore the Delta Volanis Cluster" • "Explore the Eridan Belt" • "Explore the Hromi Cluster" • "Explore the Khazan Cluster" • "Explore the Rolor Nebula" • "Explore the Servin System" • "Explore the Xleen System" • "Explore the Zenas Expanse"
Diplomatic missions in Star Trek Online
"Ancestral Sin" • "Family Ties" • "Hostile Takeover" • "Quarentine" • "Shady Supplies" • "Standoff" • "Taste of Home" • "Trade Deal"
Fleet missions in Star Trek Online
"Children of Khan" • "Crystalline Catastrophe" • "The Cure" • "The Infected" • "Into the Hive" • "Khitomer Accord" • "Starbase 24" • "Shady Supplies" • "Undine Terradome"
Patrol missions in Star Trek Online
"Patrol the Vulcan Sector" • "Patrol the Orion Sector" • "Patrol the Ring" • "Patrol the Kassae Sector" • "Patrol the Celes Sector" • "Patrol the Argelius Sector" • "Patrol the Hromi Sector" • "Patrol the Mempa Sector" • "Patrol the Teneebia Sector" • "Patrol the Sierra Sector" • "Patrol the Vendor Sector" • "Patrol the Hyralan Sector" • "Patrol the Onias Sector" • "Patrol the Mylasa Sector" • "Patrol the Z-6 Sector" • "Patrol the Bolarus Sector" • "Patrol the Cardassia Sector" • "Patrol the Bajor Sector" • "Patrol the Kalandra Sector" • "Patrol the Algira Sector" • "Patrol the Almatha Sector" • "Patrol the Dorvan Sector" • "Patrol the Orias Sector" • "Patrol the Vanden Sector" • "Patrol the Arawath Sector" • "Patrol the Kora Sector"


The references in this section reflect references from the common areas of the game such as introductions and travel between missions. References from specific missions will be listed at the missions' own pages.


Leonard James AkaarB'vatMackenzie CalhounRichard CastilloFemale ChangelingDonatraFranklin DrakeD'TanGriffsHakeevJher GwennHakeevIchebJ'mpokJa'rod, son of TorgJorel QuinnKahless, son of KahlessKar'EbbahKaratekKar'ukanK'menJames KurlandLaasLamat'UkanLepaLessaMadredOrlando MaiMarkinThomas MarroneMartaLeonard McCoyMornMur'quinObisekKirayoshi O'BrienMiral ParisQQuexRekJoshua RikerMontgomery ScottSelaSeven of SevenAmar SinghSlamekSokkethSpockS'taassJiro SugiharaAkira SuluSurahTarisThelinT'naeJames TolliverNaomi WildmanSamuel WintersWorfNatasha YarYeserinYoc'mZel
Referenced only
B'Etor, daughter of Ja'rodDuras, son of Ja'rodJames T. KirkLursaMartokKira NerysN'VerixJean-Luc PicardShinzonThomas RikerWilliam T. Riker

Starships and vehicles

USS ArcherAtrox-classUSS Aurora (Aurora-class science vessel prototype) • Borg CubeBorg probeBorg sphereBorg tactical cubeCharal-classUSS da VinciUSS DefiantDanube-classD'deridex-classDujHod ChariotUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise (Odyssey-class) • Galor-classHideki-classJem'Hadar Dreadnought carrierJem'Hadar heavy escort carrierJem'Hadar heavy escortIKS KangKeldon-classUSS KhitomerUSS KirkKhyzon-classUSS McCoy IUSS McCoy IIMogai-classNegh'var-classNX-91001 (NX-91001-class) • USS Planck (Hermes-class) • Plesh Brek-classUSS Rapier (Rapier-class) • USS Reuben James (Constitution-class) • Sarr Theln-classScimitar-classScorpion-classT'varo-classUSS Titan


See Star Trek Online locations.

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Battle Group OmegaBorg CollectiveBreen ConfederacyCardassian UnionDeferiDominionFerengi AllianceGorn HegemonyKlingon EmpireOrion SyndicateReman ResistanceRomulan RepublicRomulan Star EmpireSection 31StarfleetStarfleet IntelligenceTerran EmpireTal ShiarTholian AssemblyTrue WayUndineUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Detapa CouncilFerengi Gaming CommissionImperial Romulan StateLoresingers


assimilationDabodecalithiumdronekuvah'maghranktitletechnologyweaponraces and cultureslifeformhumanoidplanetspacestarstar systemoutpostuniformStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2386-2409)Starfleet uniform (2410s)Federation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2386-2400s)TopalineVulcan Love Slave VI

Technology and weapons

communicatorEmergency Medical HologramnanovirusPersonal shieldphaserspace stationstarshipTranswarpTranswarp conduit



As part of the build-up to the game Cryptic Studios's Star Trek Online website has two sections detailing in-universe information as background to the game. The Path to 2409 provides year by year chronological updates running from 2379 up to the start of the game in 2409. Ships of the Line gives history and specifications on starships featured in the game. A third section, Factions, was put up after the game launched; this section provides intelligence information on the various organizations and groups involved in the game's events. All three websites went defunct after Cryptic was purchased by its current publisher Perfect World, though the historical information in The Path to 2409 is also available in-game on the accolades screen.


Star Trek Online is set in an alternate timeline from the ongoing book series by Pocket Books, which is made explicit in STO's tie-in novel The Needs of the Many. The biggest point of divergence is the Borg Invasion of 2381: in STO the Borg never launched a full scale invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, instead harboring and rebuilding their forces after the loss of their transwarp gates before beginning seemingly random raids in 2409. The Typhon Pact was also never created, and the Romulan Civil War of the early 2380s ended slightly differently.

That said, STO frequently uses worldbuilding and setting details from licensed fiction, including Pocket's "novelverse", and some events, such as Ezri Dax commanding the USS Aventine, are mentioned in-game in tooltips or dialogue. The game also incorporates the entirety of the Star Trek: Countdown comic book series into its backstory, and the first expansion, Legacy of Romulus, frequently borrows details on Romulan culture from the Rihannsu series by Diane Duane.

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