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Star Trek Online is a series of multimedia stories and reference works based around the video game Star Trek Online. The series to date includes the game itself, a novel, and several websites and videos. The game is set in 2409, while the tie-in media is set both at the time of the game and before; leading in from the late-24th century setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


See also: The Path to 2409

Due to the Hobus supernova and the destruction of Romulus, the quadrant has become destabilized. The Klingon Empire took advantage of the Romulans' weakness, attempting an invasion. The Federation protested this aggression, leading to weakened relations and finally a breakdown of the Khitomer Accords.

A war finally began with the Klingons, whose empire has now expanded to include the Gorn Hegemony, as well as many other states. Meanwhile, there are other forces causing chaos behind the scenes. Species 8472 has returned, and is quietly manipulating the various races of the alpha quadrant. The Borg have begun a new series of incursions as well.

More recently, It was revealed that the Iconians had secretly returned and had been manipulating Species 8472, making them believe it was the species of the Alpha Quadrant that was responsible for the attacks they had suffered, as well as a renewed invasion of Fluidic Space by the Borg.

A new Dyson Sphere was discovered, and a tenuous Alpha Quadrant Alliance was formed to wrest control of it from the Voth, who also sought to control it.

As of 2410, a permanent cease-fire now exists between the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the newly formed Romulan Republic. They continue to stand against their common enemies, who grow more and more numerous as time goes on.




Media for Star Trek Online involves in-universe and reference material, including the game itself, its expansions and publications.

Video game


  1. "Common Ground"
  2. "Ancient Enemies"
  3. "Genesis"
  4. "Crossfire"
  5. "Call to Arms"
  6. "Under Siege"
  7. "New Romulus"
  8. "The Sphere"
  9. "A New Accord"
  10. "The Iconian War"
  11. "New Dawn"
  12. "Reckoning"
  13. "Escalation"
  14. "Emergence"
  15. "Age of Discovery"
  16. "Mirror of Discovery"
  17. "Rise of Discovery"
  18. "Awakening"
  19. "Legacy"
  20. "House Divided"

Federation episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial (DSC) Graduation DayRoutine ManeuversTrial by FireThe Shadow KnowsChildren of WarReporting In
Tutorial (TOS) I Sing of ArmsSearch and RescueBull by the HornsDislodging KlingonsThe Taurean AffairEarthward Bound
Tutorial Graduation DayTraining CruiseField PromotionsCommunication BreakdownAssimilation of the Innocent UFP emblem image. Seal of the Federation Starfleet
Agents of Yesterday Explore Earth SpacedockIn the Shadow of CestusPainful OmensReturn to BabelTangled WebsThe Battle of Caleb IV
(Tour of Duty) (Prelude to a Crisis) • (Khitomer Crisis) • (The Price of Liberty) • (Assimilation) • (Gather Equipment) • (Line in the Sand) • Welcome to Earth Spacedock • (Skills Trainer) • (New Orders?)
Klingon War Welcome to Earth SpacedockDiplomatic OrdersStranded In SpaceResearcher RescueSecret OrdersThe Doomsday DeviceThe Galaxy at Large • (Hide and Seek) • (Stop the Signal) • (The Kuvah'Magh) • (War is Good for Business) • (Treasure Trading Station) • (Task Force Hippocrates) • (The Ultimate Klingon) • (City on the Edge of Never) • (Past Imperfect)
Romulan Mystery Heading OutEmpress SelaDesperate MeasuresShadow PlayTaris • (Under the Cover of Night) • (Minefield) • (Divide et Impera) • (Saturday's Child) • (Preemptive Strike) • (Hunting the Hunters) • (Project Nightingale) • (By Any Means) • (Ground Zero) • (Ghost Ship) • (Friend of My Enemy) • (Trapped) • (S'harien's Swords)
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Klingon Empire episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial End of WatchRed Alert!Intruder Alert!Challenge for Command!Your New CommandJourney to Qo'noS • (First City) Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Empire Duties of CommandThe Hunt is OnSpace ChaseManhuntFriend or Foe
Warzone Bringing Down the HouseThe House Always Wins • (Test of Mettle) • (Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning) • (Keep Your Enemies Closer)
Vigilance Mars, the Bringer of WarAlpha • (A House Pursued) • (House on Fire)
Fek'Ihri Return Blood of the EmpireDestinyAfterlife • (The Gates of Gre'thor)
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Romulan Republic episodes in Star Trek Online
Tutorial A Day on the FarmA Day in the SunVirinat, InvadedFlight from Virinat Emblem of the Romulan Republic.
From the Ashes Explore the FlotillaThe HelixCrossroads at CraterisGasko BluesThe Search for New RomulusTurning PointNeutral No More
Allies The Price of NeutralityMemory LaneBigger PictureSmash and GrabTradecraft
In Shadows An Inside JobEnemy ActionSleepersCloak and DaggerRevelationMind GameTemporal Ambassador
Wasteland Secrets of NimbusThe Lost City of ParadiseBlind Men Tell All TalesThe UndyingA Fistful of GornInstallation 18
Vengeance Voice of the VoicelessAbductedSmall PackagesLast StandThe Best DefenseTurnaboutDevil's Choice
Freedom Toward FreedomThe VaultMine EnemyFrozenColiseumCutting the CordDarkness Before the Dawn
Spectres SpectresSkirmishSpin the WheelWhat Lies BeneathEverything Old is NewNight of the Comet
Cardassian Struggle Venture into Deep SpaceBadlandsRapierForging BondsThe Long NightCrack in the MirrorSeeds of DissentThe New LinkSecond WaveOf BajorOperation GammaFacility 4028Boldly They Rode
Cross-faction episodes in Star Trek Online
Spectres SpectresSkirmishSpin the WheelWhat Lies BeneathEverything Old is NewNight of the Comet
Wasteland Secrets of NimbusThe Lost City of ParadiseBlind Men Tell All TalesThe UndyingA Fistful of GornInstallation 18
Lost Dominion Lost DominionSecond WaveOf BajorOperation GammaFacility 4028Boldly They Rode
Cold War Cold WarCold CallOut in the ColdCold ComfortCold CaseCold Storage
Romulan Mystery The VaultMine EnemyFrozenColiseumCutting the CordDarkness Before the Dawn
Cardassian Struggle Lost and FoundSpoils of WarJabberwockyThe FactoryThe New Link • (Venture into Deep Space) • (Badlands) • (Suspect) • (War Games) • (Shutdown) • (Rapier) • (Forging Bonds) • (The Long Night) • (The Tribble with Klingons) • (Tear of the Prophets) • (Crack in the Mirror) • (Seeds of Dissent) • (The Other Side) • (Cage of Fire)
Borg Advance Task Force OperationsReport on Borg ActivitiesWhere Angels Fear to TreadA Gathering DarknessAssimilationFluid Dynamics • (Collateral Damage) • (Asset Recovery) • (State of Q) • (The Return) • (A Light in the Dark) UFP emblem image.
Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Emblem of the Romulan Republic.
UFP banner (23rd century).
New Romulus New Romulus AidStaging AreaHidden CameraWarehouseMountain BaseSecret Shuttle CodesOvergrown CavesWeb AccessLatest FindingsThe Power SourceSecrets of the Ancients
Solanae Dyson Sphere Sphere of InfluenceCircles within CirclesSupply WoesThe Contested ZoneThe Omega StandoffTower ControlA Step Between StarsFluidic DestructionSurface Tension
New Frontiers Echoes of LightOf Signs and PortentsSurvivorMirrors and SmokeBrushfireBeyond the NexusMelting PotScylla and CharybdisThe Renegade's Regret
Gamma Quadrant Storm Clouds GatherArmisticeThe SearchDoomed to RepeatQuark's Lucky SevenTenebris TorquentHome
Age of Discovery The Plausibility of the PossibleImpossibility of ReasonSecretsDownfall
J'Ula's Discovery Para PacemIllusion of CommunicationBeneath the SkinSentinelsRescue and SearchWithin The BriarsThe Ninth RuleRuins of DoomThe Measure of Morality
Klingon Civil War The Centre Cannot HoldThe Khitomer DiscordPartisansKnowledge is PowerLeap of FaithWarriors of the EmpireA Day Long Remembered
Missions in parentheses are no longer available as of the current version of Star Trek Online.
Exploration missions in Star Trek Online
"Chart the B'Tran Cluster" • "Explore the Afehirr Nebula" • "Explore the Arucanis Arm" • "Explore the B'Tran Cluster" • "Explore the Betreka Nebula" • "Explore the Delta Volanis Cluster" • "Explore the Eridan Belt" • "Explore the Hromi Cluster" • "Explore the Khazan Cluster" • "Explore the Rolor Nebula" • "Explore the Servin System" • "Explore the Xleen System" • "Explore the Zenas Expanse"
Diplomatic missions in Star Trek Online
"Ancestral Sin" • "Family Ties" • "Hostile Takeover" • "Quarentine" • "Shady Supplies" • "Standoff" • "Taste of Home" • "Trade Deal"
Fleet missions in Star Trek Online
"Children of Khan" • "Crystalline Catastrophe" • "The Cure" • "The Infected" • "Into the Hive" • "Khitomer Accord" • "Starbase 24" • "Shady Supplies" • "Undine Terradome"
Patrol missions in Star Trek Online
"Patrol the Vulcan Sector" • "Patrol the Orion Sector" • "Patrol the Ring" • "Patrol the Kassae Sector" • "Patrol the Celes Sector" • "Patrol the Argelius Sector" • "Patrol the Hromi Sector" • "Patrol the Mempa Sector" • "Patrol the Teneebia Sector" • "Patrol the Sierra Sector" • "Patrol the Vendor Sector" • "Patrol the Hyralan Sector" • "Patrol the Onias Sector" • "Patrol the Mylasa Sector" • "Patrol the Z-6 Sector" • "Patrol the Bolarus Sector" • "Patrol the Cardassia Sector" • "Patrol the Bajor Sector" • "Patrol the Kalandra Sector" • "Patrol the Algira Sector" • "Patrol the Almatha Sector" • "Patrol the Dorvan Sector" • "Patrol the Orias Sector" • "Patrol the Vanden Sector" • "Patrol the Arawath Sector" • "Patrol the Kora Sector"


Prose includes the only book to be, so far, released in direct relation to Star Trek Online, an ongoing short story series in Star Trek Magazine, and a Season 10 web fiction series posted on the Star Trek Online website.

Short stories

Title Author(s) Published Cover
"Unexpected Honor" Christine Thompson 8 May 2012; Star Trek Magazine #40 STO Unexpected Honor.jpg
"Shakedown" Christine Thompson 14 July 2012; Star Trek Magazine #41 Shakedown.jpg
"The Gale, Part I" Jesse Hienig, Christine Thompson 30 October 2012; Star Trek Magazine #42 Thegalepart1.jpg
"The Gale, Part II" Jesse Hienig, Christine Thompson 22 January 2013; Star Trek Magazine #43 Thegalepart2.jpg
"Mirror Image, Part I" Christine Thompson 19 March 2013; Star Trek Magazine #44 MirrorImage1.jpg
"Mirror Image, Part II" Christine Thompson 7 May 2013; Star Trek Magazine #45 STO Mirror Image.jpg
"Chief, Part I" Katherine Bankson 30 July 2013; Star Trek Magazine #46 "Chief" in Star Trek Magazine.
"Chief, Part II" Katherine Bankson October 2013; Star Trek Magazine #47
"Of Chaos and Kal-toh, Part I" Jaddua Ross 14 January 2014; Star Trek Magazine #48 STO Of Chaos and Kal-toh.jpg
"Of Chaos and Kal-toh, Part II" Jaddua Ross 15 April 2014; Star Trek Magazine #49
"Dove" Christine Thompson 15 July 2014; Star Trek Magazine #50 STO Dove.jpg
"There's No Place Like..." Sean McCann 14 January 2015; Star Trek Magazine #52
"Locks Without Keys, Part I" Christine Thompson 15 April 2015; Star Trek Magazine #53
"Locks Without Keys, Part II" Christine Thompson 15 July 2015; Star Trek Magazine #54
"Hope Remains" 13 October 2015; Star Trek Magazine #55
"After the Storm" Katherine Bankson 5 April 2016; Star Trek Magazine #56
"Recruitment Drive" 7 June 2016; Star Trek Magazine #57
"Time of the Scotsman" Paul Reed 6 September 2016; Star Trek Magazine #58
"An Honorable Frontier" Paul Reed 6 December 2016; Star Trek Magazine #59
"Steel and Karma" Ryon Levitt 3 May 2016; dev blog
"Aftershocks" 12 July 2016; dev blog
"Utopia Planetia: The Mystery of Yard 39" 5 October 2018; dev blog
"First Impressions" Thomas Marrone 22 April 2019; dev blog
"Triple Cross" Mike Fatum 8 May 2019; dev blog
"Calm Amidst the Storm" John Hegner 13 May 2019; dev blog
  • Tales of the War (April 2015 - ongoing)

Reference work


Related media

While not released under the Star Trek Online banner the comic book series Star Trek: Countdown has been tied into the backstory of Star Trek Online. That series itself was a prequel to the movie Star Trek, which established the destruction of Romulus, bringing about the state of affairs in the Romulan Star Empire in the Star Trek Online continuity.

The Path to 2409, while contradicting some more recent novels and making adjustments to information from some older works, does include information, concepts, characters and events from some earlier novels, including: Articles of the Federation, Death in Winter, and elements of the DS9 relaunch series. (See The Path to 2409 appendices for an in-depth break down of continuity and discontinuity between Star Trek Online and the novel continuity)


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