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Star Trek vs. Transformers is a five-issue miniseries produced by IDW Publishing that launched in September 2018. The series is a crossover between The Animated Series and The Transformers. The trade paperback was released on 21 May 2019.

Cover GalleryEdit

number writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
Issue 1 John Barber & Mike Johnson Philip Murphy September 26 2018
Star Trek vs. Transformers 1
Issue 2 November 14 2018
Star Trek vs. Transformers 2
Issue 3 Jack Lawrence December 5 2018
Star Trek vs Transformers 3B
Issue 4 Philip Murphy December 26 2018
Star Trek vs. Transformers 4B
Issue 5 February 27 2019
Star Trek vs Transformers 5


  • The first issue is titled "Prime's Directive, Part One", which would suggest that the whole miniseries was meant to share this naming scheme, but such a title was left off issues 2 through 5.



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