For earlier Starbase 1s constructed by Starfleet, see: "Starbase 1 (destroyed)" and "Starbase 1 (Berengaria VII)"

Starbase 1 (registry number NCC-6038) is a Federation starbase located in the Sol star system. (ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

History and layoutEdit

Starbase 1 includes a number of facilities in and around the Sol system, including the Spacedock at Earth orbit, as well as a space station facility in Sol's Oort cloud. (STO video game: Star Trek Online; DS9 - Invasion! novel: Time's Enemy)

Star Trek: Online notably uses the "Starbase 1" name to refer to the Earth Spacedock, while the Star Fleet Technical Manual, FASA's RPG sets and "Time's Enemy" expand the definition of Starbase 1 to include other stations. In Star Trek Online, this is the primary starbase used by players of the Federation faction, and every Federation starship is equipped with the ability to initiate a transwarp jump to the spacedock.

Located 100 AU from Earth, at the edge of the Sol system, Starbase 1 had 80,000 ihabitants. In 2257, during the Federation-Klingon War of 2256, the Klingon forces of House D'Ghor attacked and occupied the starbase, killing the station's entire population before the USS Discovery arrived. (DSC episode: "The War Without, The War Within")

The starbase was most likely moved or rebuilt following the end of the war at some point closer to Earth.

In the year 2268, the USS Enterprise headed for Starbase 1 for some much-needed maintenance work and shore leave for the crew, but upon arrival they were almost immediately assigned by Admiral McKenna to a diplomatic mission to the Ammdon system. After the mission was completed, the Enterprise returned to Starbase 1. (TOS novel: Mutiny on the Enterprise)

This novel depicts Starbase 1 as being located on an unnamed planet .

In 2270, Starbase 1 reported that ten Romulan warships had breached the Romulan Neutral Zone and were headed for the planet Gateway. (TOS - The Yesterday Saga novel: Yesterday's Son)

In late 2285, Starfleet Security released their final analysis on how Admiral James T. Kirk and his crew were able to steal the Enterprise from the facility. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

In 2375, a Breen attack left Starbase 1 without power while servicing the USS Columbia, trapping the only starship in the Sol system behind the massive space station's doors. The USS Enterprise-E was later able to free the Columbia, and the two starships then defeated Breen forces attacking Earth. (TNG short story: "Eleven Hours Out")

In 2380, the Trinni/ek delegation was beamed aboard Starbase 1 for medical treatment after it was determined that no hospital in Paris was as well-equipped for their alien physiology. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

Alternate realityEdit

NCC-6038 Starbae 1

Starbase 1 in the alternate reality.

In 2258 of the Kelvin timeline, the USS Enterprise was originally docked at Starbase 1 before departing for Vulcan. (TOS movie: Star Trek; TOS video game: Rivals)

The Enterprise departed from Starbase 1 in 2259 on its way to Qo'noS, Kirk ordering the moorings be retracted immediately before the ship left. (TOS movie & novelization: Into Darkness)

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