Starbase 114 was a Federation starbase in the 2400s. During the Third Federation-Klingon War, it served as a repair station for Starfleet ships. Due to the war, however, the station was understaffed. (STO mission: "Celes System Patrol")

History[edit | edit source]

Commander Cleveland, CO of the starbase, was tasked with battling the Orion Syndicate in the Celes sector. (STO mission: "Celes System Patrol")

In 2409, A Ferengi trader named Mok stole explosive materials from the station and transported them away aboard his ship. He intended to sell them to Nausicaans, but he was intercepted by a Starfleet ship before he succeeded. (STO mission: "War is Good for Business")

A series of accidents took place aboard the station in that year, resulting in injuries and damage to equipment including EPS conduits and a cargo lift. A Starfleet ship was dispatched to investigate and quickly determined that they were the work of a saboteur. This saboteur proved to be Commander Thiral, who was working for Orion Syndicate head Melani D'ian to repay his bondmate's debt to the Syndicate. (STO mission: "Celes System Patrol")

Later that year a Starfleet ship arrived at the station to collect Damar Kahn and transport him to Starbase 39-Sierra. (STO mission: "Heading Out")

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