Starbase 18 was an orbital Federation starbase in the Hamal system. It maintained a distance of 200 million kilometers from Hamal IV.


It was constructed by the Hamalki, the natives of Hamal IV. Starbase 18 was an oblong, cigar-shaped space station, built with elaborate golden spires and architecture. James T. Kirk found the design very alien, as it was styled with crystalline objects and mirror-finished metal surfaces.


In 2256, Starbase 18 instructed the pilot of Starfleet prison shuttle SPT 21, enroute to the mines of Tellun, to don an EV suit and exterminate Species GS54 bugs depriving the shuttle of electricity. (DSC episode: "Context Is For Kings")

In 2270, to confound the malfunctioning Service Control Computer FS-137-B, which managed some of the food processors aboard the USS Enterprise, an ensign asked it to compute how many bowls of oatmeal were needed to reach from Starbase 18 to the far side of the Klingon Empire. (TOS - Which Way Books novel: Voyage to Adventure)

In the 2270s decade, the station was commanded by Commodore Katha'sat. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

In the year 2275, the USS Enterprise visited the station to be refitted with an experimental inversion drive. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

During a period of heightened tensions in 2276, the starbase was equipped with formidable weaponry and a large compliment of starships in anticipation of a possible Romulan invasion of its sector. (TOS novel: Swordhunt)

In 2278, the Enterprise again stopped at the station to receive supplies for the Vestra V colony. (TOS novel: Deep Domain)

William Riker was aboard the starbase in 2357 when he received orders assigning him to a destroyer. He instead boarded the USS Yorktown by mistake. (TNG novel: Ghost Ship)

In 2359, the USS Starbound limped to Starbase 18 on impulse engines, after being attacked and crippled by Orion pirates. The starbase received their radio distress signal and sent a starship to tow them the rest of the way. However, once they arrived, station security arrested acting commanding officer Darryl Adin to face a court martial on charges of treason, murder, and conspiring with the Orions. By 2364, computer records still in existence were examined by Data, indicating the Starbase 18 arrest had been made on the basis of false information added to the base computer network intended to frame Adin. (TNG novel: Survivors)

In 2381, the USS Enterprise-E transported a number of refugees from the Borg invasion earlier that year to Starbase 18. From there, the refugees were expected to go on to settle on other worlds, including Tellar. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)


Starbase 18 personnel
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