Starbase 193 is a Federation starbase at the edge of Federation space. There were two structures designated as Starbase 193.

Built in the mid 24th century, the original starbase was in an area that the Federation had recently annexed. The station was placed under the command of Commander Estrella Miyakawa, a former classmate of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

As Starbase 193 was on the frontier of Federation space, Miyakawa was the only Starfleet officer assigned to the base, the remainder of the crew were civilian technicians. Because of this, the Starbase experienced a number of security problems. However, the station itself was a newer, state of the art structure.

The Due or Die was a bar located in the Starbase. Operated by the El-Aurian Camenae, the bar was the social hub of the station. The bar also served as the center of Camenae's business dealings - both legal and otherwise.

In 2368, the Romulans sent a ship into Federation space to retrieve the Devil's Heart. They decided to destroy Starbase 193 in order to draw the USS Enterprise-D, under Captain Picard, to the area. There was no loss of life as Commander Miyakawa had been tipped off about the Romulans, and had already evacuated the station. She had also decided not to inform Starfleet of the evacuation, hoping that the Enterprise would not come to the area and fall into the Romulan trap.

Following the destruction of the original base, Starbase 193 was rebuilt, with Miyakawa in command. Camenae also returned and opened a new bar called the Do or Die. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

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