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Starbase 3 was one of the first Federation starbases.


Starbase 3 was the second operational starbase. It was founded on a planet considered far beyond the frontier in the 22nd century. Originally covering 65 square kilometers and staffed by 8,900, the ground facility was sited on a plain near a large body of water and a salt mine. (Stardate Magazine Issue 8: "Some Starbases – A Profile")

It was built around reference stardate 0/90, and finally entered active service on stardate 0/9708. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

It was completed in 2158. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

The non-aligned Krikiki and Den-Kai jointly occupied star systems near Starbase 3, and their various wars prevented Starfleet from exploring systems beyond them or inviting them to join the Federation. (Captain Sulu Adventures audiobook: Envoy)

Starbase 3 was situated in close proximity to Vestios. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

By the 2280s, the starbase supported 20,000 personnel and consisted of a 150-square kilometer ground base, two orbital facilities and eight drydocks. Halina, the planet's capital city, was located 20 kilometers away and had an excellent spaceport. (Stardate Magazine Issue 8: "Some Starbases – A Profile")

In the year 2291, its primary orbital facility included at least two docking rings (Alpha and Theta). It featured a large cargo bay as well as a docking facility nearly large enough to contain an Excelsior-class starship. (Captain Sulu Adventures audiobook: Envoy)


In 2246, following an altercation with a Vestian ship, the USS Aldrin managed to reach Starbase 3 on auxiliary power. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

In 2266, Lincoln Galle was assigned to Starbase 3. (FASA RPG module: Old Soldiers Never Die)

In 2269, the USS Enterprise docked at Starbase 3, after completing a massive benchmark survey in sector 3. (TOS novel: World Without End)

A few months later, Starbase 3 was the first Federation facility to receive a distress call from Outpost Hadrian, following an attack by the powerful super-computer, Nagha. (TOS - The New Voyages 2 short story: "The Sleeping God")

In the 2280s, a profile of the base was published in Ports Illustrated magazine. (Stardate Magazine Issue 8: "Some Starbases – A Profile")

In 2291, Starbase 3 hosted a sacred Asraba ceremony between the Krikiki and Den-Kai that would result in a historic peace treaty. Captain Hikaru Sulu visited the station to serve as an envoy at the gathering. (Captain Sulu Adventures audiobook: Envoy)

Starbase 3 was still operational in the 2370s, and was located near the Beltos system in Orion territory. (TNG novel: The Best and the Brightest)




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