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Starbase 32 was a Federation starbase in service in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

History and specifics

In 2264, Doctor Phillip Boyce was heading medical services on this station. (TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure)

In 2333, the station was under the command of Admiral McAteer. That year, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Stargazer attended a meeting on the station. (STA novel: Gauntlet) Not long after, the Stargazer left from the starbase to take station outside of Oblivion. (STA novel: Oblivion)

During the early 24th century, Lieutenant Commander Darya Bat-Levi and her family lived on the station. During a test run of a modified shuttle, Bat-Levi was seriously injured and the station was the only place that she used as medical resources. Psychiatrists on the station tried to help her. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

Sometime prior to 2354, Admiral Naomi Jerusalmi became commanding officer of Starbase 32. Following the completion of her internship, Doctor Beverly Crusher was assigned as assistant chief medical officer of Starbase 32, under Doctor Meather.

In 2354, following the death of Lieutenant Commander Jack Crusher aboard the Stargazer, his body was returned to his family at Starbase 32. Picard also faced a court of inquiry at the base following the incident. Shortly thereafter, Beverly Crusher resigned her post. (TNG episode: "Violations", TNG novels: The Buried Age, Losing the Peace)

A year later, in 2355, Starbase 32 was the site of the court martial of Captain Jean-Luc Picard following the destruction of the Stargazer. (TNG - The Lost Era novel: The Buried Age)

In the 2360s decade, the USS Enterprise-D, Picard's newest command, visited Starbase 32 for a layover. Its Type-7 shuttlecraft Copernicus (shuttlecraft 02) received service and inspection from a technician after setdown on the starbase's planetary landing pad. (SOTL calendar: Ships of the Line 2022 month: November image, "Layover at Starbase 32")


Starbase 32 personnel
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