Starbase 4 was one of the first Federation starbases constucted at the turn of the 23rd century, and was located near to both Klingon and Romulan space.

Matthew Decker was starbase chief of security in the year 2246. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)

A couple of attempts to take the USS Enterprise to Starbase 4 failed in 2268 while the crew faced down Gorgan. After succeeding against this entity, the ship finally headed toward the starbase. (TOS episode: "And the Children Shall Lead")

In 2268, Starbase 4 took aboard two individuals from the planet Cheron, Bele and Lokai. Bele had been hunting Lokai down for many centuries, but Lokai managed to steal a shuttlecraft and escape Bele one more time. Both individuals and the shuttlecraft were later recovered by the USS Enterprise. (TOS episode: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

In 2269, the Enterprise was docked at Starbase 4 for a month undergoing serious repairs and refitting. (TOS novel: The Abode of Life)

In 2270, the Enterprise was docked at Starbase 4 twice, undergoing repairs following various incidents. The first time was after the Enterprise was engaged in battle with factions eager to steal an experimental transwarp drive, and the second was following a battle with a Romulan warship. (TOS novel: Battlestations!; TOS comic: "The Chosen")

In 2375, the USS Saladin was ordered to report to Starbase 4 after stopping at Mars Base. (TOS short story: "Safe Harbors")



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