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Starbase 46 was a 23rd[1] and 24th century[2] Federation space station, a starbase in Starfleet service from the 2250s to the 2380s decades. It was located near Organia, a three hour warp away from the Pahvo system at factor 5.[3] (DS9 novel: Force and Motion, DSC episode: "Into the Forest I Go")

History and specifications

Around the 2250s decade, a moon was located near the starbase. In 2256, the opera house on that moon was showing La bohème in the style of a Kasseelian opera. Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets discussed attending the event.

Meanwhile, Admiral Terral ordered the USS Discovery from Pahvo to Starbase 46 to regroup because of the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257. Captain Gabriel Lorca was due to be awarded the Legion of Honor there, too. (DSC episode: "Into the Forest I Go")

Lorca instead had Discovery use its spore drive to jump into his native mirror universe. The Discovery emerged at Porathia. (DSC episode: "Despite Yourself")

In the year 2384, the freighter Darius attempted to evade an attack from unknown pirates by heading for Starbase 46 and contact the facility for assistance, but was then too engrossed in the skirmish to escape. (DS9 novel: Force and Motion)

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline where the Standoff at the Binary Stars led to a cold war, Commander Saru of the Discovery asked Fleet Captain Philippa Georgiou for a meeting. The USS Shenzhou rendezvoused with Discovery at Starbase 36, after the latter ship had returned from a mission to the mycelial network. Captain Michael Burnham and Commander Saru accepted Georgiou's invitation to dinner aboard Shenzhou. Through the window, Burnham could see Discovery docked at Starbase 46. (DSC novel: Dead Endless)



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