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Starbase 73 was a Federation Starfleet facility near Gorn territory in operation in the 23rd and 24th century. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy: Chekov's Lost Missions)

History and specifications

Its commanding officer as of 2365 was Admiral Moore. (TNG episode: "Up the Long Ladder")

In that year, Will Riker acquired a quantity of owon eggs at Starbase 73. (TNG episode: "Time Squared")

Later that year, Starbase 73 intercepted a 22nd century distress call of unknown origin. The USS Enterprise-D was called to the base and was assigned to investigate. (TNG episode: "Up the Long Ladder")

In 2367, following the death of K'Ehleyr, the Enterprise returned to Starbase 73, where Worf met his adoptive parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, and gave his son Alexander over to their care. (TNG episode: "Reunion")

In 2368, Admiral Bryant was in command of Starbase 73. (TNG novel: War Drums)

In 2376, the USS da Vinci visited Starbase 73 following their mission to Mariposa. (SCE eBook: Out of the Cocoon)



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