Starbase 75 was a Federation starbase, operational in the later 24th century.

The DiWahn traveler Kanda Jiak, ostensibly traveling from Redifer III to Earth decided to stay behind from his passenger transport on Starbase 75 in 2368. Jiak then spent his time on the base trying to secure a berth on a vessel bound for DiWahn, which he found in the form of membership in Captain Del's freighter crew.

When communications with Starbase 193 were compromised in that same year, the starship Enterprise-D began routing paperwork and situation reports to an Admiral Matasu of Starbase 75. This news was a surprise to Starbase 193's CO, Commander Estrella Miyakawa.

After the Enterprise-D recovered the Devil's Heart, William Riker had a course laid in for this base, but was overridden by Jean-Luc Picard, who wished the vessel's cruise to continue with the stone in his custody. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

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