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Starbase 80 was a Starfleet starbase facility in operation in the mid-24th century, located in the Xerxes star system, somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifications

In the year 2365, while Guinan was waiting at the starbase for the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D to pick her up, she was told a story by Jake Stutzman. The very same story was later told to her by Geordi La Forge, where he claimed credit for Stutzman's actions. (TNG novel: Fortune's Light)

When the USS Voyager encountered the USS Equinox in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Ransom said that he had previously been on an Intrepid-class ship as a science officer pro tem for a visit while at Starbase 80. (VOY novelization: Equinox)

Starbase 80 had an unpopular reputation as an assignment for Starfleet personnel. In the year 2380, Doctor T'Ana suggested that Ensign Beckett Mariner transfer to Starbase 80 as it seem like she always goofed around. (LD episode: "Terminal Provocations")

By the year 2411, Starbase 80 was a Fleet Starbase-type space station located in the Beta Quadrant's Celes sector. (STO - Klingon Civil War mission: "Partisans")



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