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For the primary universe counterpart, see Starbase 82.

In the Kelvin timeline, Starbase 82 was a Federation space station, a starbase in Starfleet service in the 2260s decade. It was located near Lorillia in the Lorillia system.

History and specifications[]


The station was vaguely mushroom-shaped. Domes marked both ends of the central stalk, though the upper one was much larger. A trio of branches extended from the center of the stalk, each ending in a disk-shaped habitat section. (ST video game: Fleet Command)


In the year 2262, Starbase 82 was located in a system in the Neutral Zone contested between Federation, Klingons and Romulans. It offered a mission to an Independent ship operating from Home Base. (ST video game: Fleet Command)

After setting up a base in thew Rainsford system, Khan Noonien Singh hired an Independent to steal an alternator built by Montgomery Scott from Starbase 82. At the time, the station was undergoing an extensive repair process. The station was protected by a Starfleet guard ship. (ST video game: Fleet Command mission: "Outskirts")



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