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Starbase 906 was a 31st and 32nd century Federation space station, a starbase in Starfleet service until the 3180s decade. It was located in Sector 40 of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. While under White Palm control, this station was renamed Starbase Vanguard. (DSC novel: Wonderlands)

Service history and disposition


Starbase Vanguard in the 23rd century.

In the 2260s decade, Starfleet operated Starbase 47 as Starbase Vanguard in the Taurus Expanse. (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning)

Transwarp project

The Burn decimates the galaxy.

Starbase 906 was active by the 3060s decade. The station was involved in the Federation effort to find alternatives to dilithium-powered interstellar travel. Dilithium was becoming rare, hampering warp travel. The personnel at SB906 worked on creating transwarp tunnels in the Beta Quadrant, which extended as far as the Donatu star system.

In the year 3069[1], the Burn was a galaxywide cataclysm]], decimated the Federation and its Starfleet]]. Starbase 906 was not destroyed but lost contact with other sectors, and the two Starfleet ships docked at SB906 became inactive.

Like a generational ship, the surviving crewmembers and their descendants continued the transwarp projects with limited resources. By the 3180s, Commander Marshak served as Starbase 906's commanding officer.

Pirates attacked the station over the course of years, and the starbase's systems began to fail. In 3186, warlord Remington had organized a White Palm force strong enough to conquer the station. Although Commander Marshak hald a staff meeting to prepare for defense, White Palm took over Starbase 906 in less than a day.

White Palm

The Federation flag was removed, and Chief Executive Officer Remington renamed the place to "Starbase Vanguard". It was to become the central base for the White Palm syndicate's operations in Sector 40 and neighboring sectors. The station operated as a quasi-military installation. Personnel wore unmarked, uniform-like grey attire. CEO Remington divided staff into senior officers, junior officers and cadets. Nenee Raud served as first officer, and Dell Leavitt became Remington's right-hand man for wider White Palm operations.

Courier Michael Burnham in 3188.

White Palm raiders attacked couriers, ships and worlds in neighboring sectors. Remington intended to drive the couriers out and eventually capture the former Federation Spaceport Devaloka at Prithvi, operated by acting communications chief Aditya Sahil.

In 3188, Courier Michael Burnham liberated fellow courier Iliana Pa'Dan from Atalis IV, a world under White Palm blockade. Initially, the couriers were unaware that the White Palm and Remington's organization were one and the same. Pa'Dan therefore accepted work and payment from Remington and Raud at Starbase Vanguard, and invited Burnham to check it out.

Burnham instead tried to use Pa'Dan's report of the organization as an example to create an alliance among the couriers. Her overtures were rejected by Brodie and others. Meanwhile, the White Palm attacked courier stronghold Donatu VII. Cleveland Booker discovered the raider's mode of transport, unstable transwarp tunnels.


Iliana holds the key.

Burnham learned the truth about Starbase Vanguard and the White Palm when, during a meeting, Remington introduced the known White Palm pirate Leavitt. She then led an alliance of couriers, Devaloka and others to defeat the White Palm. Burnham placed Iliana Pa'Dan in command of the station, which was formally renamed back to Starbase 906. (DSC novel: Wonderlands)




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