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Starbase 906, renamed to Starbase Vanguard by Remington, was a 31st century Federation space station, a starbase in Starfleet service until after the Burn.

History and specifications[]

In the 2260s decade, Starfleet operated Starbase 47 as Starbase Vanguard. (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning)

Starbase 906 survived the Burn in the year 3069 and continued to operate as a Starfleet installation afterwards. Its crew worked on a vital project. Two Starfleet ships were docked at SB906 during the Burn and became inactive afterwards.

Pirates attacked the station over the course of years, and its system began to fail. During the time of Commander Marshak, Starbase 906 lacked offensive and defensive system, and was conquered.

The station was taken over by the warlord Remington, who renamed it to Starbase Vanguard. As chief executive officer, Remington operated the station as quasi-military installation and controlled areas of space from here. (DSC novel: Wonderlands)




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