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Stardate Magazine was a magazine publication licensed by FASA Corporation, who were themselves licensed as the producers of the Star Trek Role Playing Game. Each issue of Stardate featured stats and material to expand FASA's RPG publications, including a great deal of Star Trek content. Three volumes existed, with several issues in each from three different magazine publishers that worked with FASA, before the magazine was renamed StarDrive and ended, around the time that FASA stopped publishing Star Trek licensed content.

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Volume 1Edit

Issue 1Edit

November, 1984. Articles: "Grayson-Class Repair Tender"; "Monarch-Class Deep Space Freighter"; "L-42 (Z'Gavva) Class Heavy Frigate" (Klingon)

Issue 2Edit

December, 1984. Articles: "K'Kmarak-Class VI Research Vessel"; "Immaculata-Class Luxury Yacht"

Issue 3/4Edit

February, 1985. Articles: "Swift Solaria (OSB-1190) - Orion Slaver/Blockade Runner"; "Silverstrike-Class IV Mining Scout"

Issue 5/6Edit

April, 1985. Articles: "Quartermaster Corps" (Emergency Laser Signal Light, Liquid Insulation); "Larson-Class VII Destroyer"

Issue 7Edit

August, 1985. Articles: "Tangent-Class Destroyer"; "L-20 Class Fast Battleship" (Klingon)

Issue 8Edit

October, 1985. Articles: "Wizard Class Starship"

Volume 2Edit

Issue 9Edit

December, 1985. Articles: "Ticonderoga-Class Light Cruiser"; "Aral (OSB-0762) - Orion Blockade Runner"; "Quartermaster Corps" (Thermocrete, Personal First-Aid Kit, Mk. II)

Issue 10Edit

February, 1986. Articles: "MacKenzie-class IX Frigate"; "Ohmera-class IV Patrol Ship"

Issue 11Edit

April, 1986.

Volume 3Edit

Issue 1Edit

February, 1987. Articles: "Charger-Class Destroyer"; "Indomitable-Class Battleship"

Issue 2Edit

March, 1987. Articles: "Vovossa-Class VII Monitor"; "Eicha-Class IV Commercial Freighter"

Issue 3Edit

May, 1987. Articles: "Romulan V-24 (Great Bird) class Cruiser"; "Romulan P-8 (Deathsting) class Corvette"

Issue 4Edit

1987. Articles: "Kolm-An-class VIII Assault Ship"; "Scylla-class VI Scout"

Issue 5Edit

October, 1987. Articles: "Flammarion-class VIII/IX Large Research Vessel"; "Inventive Ordnance" (A-X-E suit)

Issue 6Edit

1987. Articles: "Berena-class Free Trader"; "Klingon D-12 (Death Boot) class IX Cruiser"

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