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Earth Command defeated the Romulans with the help of other races across the galaxy, and the Neutral Zone was established. Out of that necessary and uneasy collaboration came the United Federation of Planets and its combined forces, Starfleet. But the close quarters of a starship among so many races and personalities is discomforting to all the ranks. Control of what could grow to be the greatest power in the galaxy is at stake and no one is taking it lightly.

A powerful new class of starship, the Daedalus, flagship of the new Federation fleet, is up for grabs among the six new Starfleet captains. Admiral Ed Walker is determined to keep this jewel, and all of Starfleet, under military command and away from the scientists. He chooses Captain Aaron Stiles as his protégé in the endeavor. Stiles, bent on avenging the death of his brother Jake, faces stiff resistance from Walker's rebellious space jock nephew Dane and scientist Capt. Bryce Shumar. But they face their biggest threat of all in an unknown alien race destroying the bases of the Oreias system. Can brains and brawn combine to win without killing each other in the process?



Chinua AbuteApplegateArquetteAsparthaBarkerBarriosDoreen BarstoweAndre BeschtaBrojCabbolChangChungAlonis CobarynConnor DaneDarigghiDolginDucheddetClarisse DumontEmickErendiElena EzquerraFitzgeraldGlendennenDaniel HagedornHosokawaHudlinIbañezIdekoJezzelisJonesAlexander KaponoKauffMorgan KellyKendallKlebanovLavagettoSam LindbladLydia LittlejohnLocklearHiro MatsuraMcCallumAmanda McTigueMartha MegapenthesMilosovichSteven MullenMyersonNasirOdronkTom OrlowskiRasmussenRedfernUri ReulbachRostenSammakSantoriniSedrikBarnett Harrington ShawBryce ShumarSiefriedSmithsonSonadhSt. ClaireAaron StilesJake StilesStuckeyTavarezTirontisT'PauUrbinaEd WalkerWallaceWarnekeWeeksWickershamWilliamsWooCorspa ZenarZhrakkas
Referenced only

Starships and vehicles

AchillesAnacondaCheyenneCochraneUSS Daedalus (Daedalus-class) • GibraltarHoratioManticoreMaverick (Christopher-class) • Peregrine (Christopher-class) • ProsperousTellarite trading vesselYellowjacket (Christopher-class)
Referenced only
John BurkeNimitzPantherPasteurTimber WolfWildcat


CheronEarth • (AfterburnerCommand BaseEarth Command Executive ChamberSan FranciscoUniversity of PennsylvaniaWest Point) • Earth Base 14Middiranebular mazeOreias systemOreias VOreias VIIOreias VIIIOreias IXRomulan Neutral ZoneVulcanShariKahr
Referenced only
AldebaranAlgeronAlpha Eridani IIAndorAnjyylArbazaAratain SectorDedderaiDopteriusEarth Base 12Ekkenda IVGalendus ClusterGamma LlongoHellKryannen systemMagabenthus systemOrnathia PrimeOsadjRigel IVTennesseeVobilin

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Earth CommandFederation StarfleetFleet CommissionUnited EarthUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Federation CouncilStarfleet AcademyVulcan Science Academy

Science and technology

alienannular confinement beamantennaantibioticantimatteratmosphereatomic missilebloodclosed-circuit linkcloudcomm linkcommunicatorcomputercontrol paneldeflector shieldDNAelectronic bookemitterenergyhairhandheld computerheartbeathologramionized gas toruskeyboardlaser pistollightlight-yearlong-range scannermattermeterminutemonitornebulanote paddorbitpaddpattern bufferplasmascannersecondsensor platformshort-range scannerspacestarstarshipsubspace anomalysubspace chutethroattightbeam graviton projectiontimetractor beamtractor beam projectortransportertransporter discVegan choriomeningitisvertebraeviewscreenwarp corewarp factor

Ranks and titles

administratoradmiralattorneybartendercaptaincommandercouncillorcrewmancriminaldelegatedirectorengineerensignexecutive officerfinancierfirst officerhelmsmaninformantlieutenantlieutenant junior grademercenarymilitary strategistmurderernavigatorofficerPresident of United Earthscience officerscientistsmugglertradertransporter operatorweapons officer

Other references

alcoholamphitheaterapricotarmrestasteroidasteroid beltbarBattle of AldebaranBattle of Cheronbeardbeerbeltbookbootbridgebriefing roombulkheadbutterfly catcherscargo baycentchairChicago Mobs of the Twentieschimeclass MclothingCochrane jockeycoffeecolonyconstitutionConstitution of the United Federation of Planetscontainercorridorcrimecursed'saako seeddaydeckdemotiondrinkdue processdustEarth-Romulan WarEkkendan lizardfleetglassgoldGuarantee SixGuarantee Sevenhawkhelmhomeworldhullhumanoidinsigniajurylab-coatliqueurlizardmazeMedal of Valormetalmilitarymonthmoonmuttle podNobel PrizenutplanetplatterpoliticsquartersreadoutriceRigelian triple-metered verseschematicsscienceseedseekasa woodshieldsilversmugglingsneak attackstoolsubcorridorsuicidesupply depottabletequilatestimonytinderboxtitaniumtransporter roomtrialtuula bushwarweaponweddingwheeled chairwoodyear



The individual chapters of this book were first published as "extras" in other novels. On the covers of those editions a small label indicated which chapter was included. (The 2002 omnibus version has newly-added scenes for T'Pau and extra characters, such as Ducheddet of Andor, a member of an early United Federation of Planets constitutional committee.)

The appearance of Chapter Six (in the mass market versions of Strange New Worlds reprints) was a last-minute change, following delays to the pair of novels originally planned to carry the chapter. Pocket Books editor John Ordover made an offer to ship out the chapter to anyone angered by the resultant need to repurchase the SNW volumes specifically for Starfleet: Year One.

Starting in August 1999, the original chapters could be found in:


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