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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy — Chekov's Lost Missions was a computer game released by Interplay in 1998.


It is an expansion for Starfleet Academy that includes 7 single player missions (available through the "Missions" options on the menu) that include full FMV intros and exits like "Starfleet Academy", 2 new multiplayer missions, an update patch and several other small fixes.

Despite being called "Chekov's Lost Missions" Pavel Chekov only introduced the last of the new missions, with the others being introduced by Hikaru Sulu and Aex Rotherot.



USS Faraday / Oberth class
Mission objective
  1. Scan Golgotha VIII
  2. Scan Golgotha VII
  3. Scan Golgotha VI
  4. Scan Golgotha V
  5. Scan Golgotha IV
  6. Scan Golgotha III
  7. Scan Golgotha Il
  8. Scan Golgotha I
  9. Investigate Golgotha IV
Captains log
Captains Log Stardate 3003.4, we've been directed to make a scientific survey of the Golgotha system. We are leaving warp near the current position of Golgotha 8, the planet farthest out from the sun.

Old Soldiers

Pandora's Box

Captain's Log, stardate 4000.4. We're been ordered to do a patrol of the the Nzambi, Ngewo, Anansi, Eshu, and Ruhanga Systems. Once again we're to look for any pirate activity, and to try and find the reason behind the strange attacks in that sector.

Long Tow Home

Captain's Log, Stardate 3410.5. The USS Agincourt is being sent to assist the USS Roma in patrol of the Divan, Regent, Ahidan and Halvan systems. Captain Trava of the Roma will be in charge of the mission, and I hope we can be out and back quickly. My crew is a bit hesitant about taking orders from another captain.
Captain's Log, Stardate 3410.7. After fruitless search of the Alphax system, we have proceeded under communication silence to the Divan system, which has been the site of several Venturi pirate attacks. We are starting our sweep at Divan Seven.
Captain's Log, Supplemental. We nove surveyed the Fraconi system and found no trace of the Venturi pirates. While crossing the Gap, the Roma called for us to drop out of warp.


Mission objectives
  1. Investigate Epsilon Lyra Anomaly.
  2. Investigate Jovian Anomaly.
  3. Investigate Neshraak Anomaly.
  4. Investigate Argrah Anomaly.
    • Do not enter without permission.
Captains log
Captain's log, Stardate 4732.7. We are on route to Epsilon Lyra to investigate an unexplained temporal phenomena. The possibility of Klingon involvement in this phenomena is very high; Starfleet suspects the phenomena was caused by the testing of a new Klingon weapon.


Mission objectives
  1. Protect High Roller
  2. Protect Sidney
  3. Protect Dinsmore
  4. Protect Swift Talon
  5. Stop Kwarlez
  6. Stop Pirates
  7. Return to Starbase
Captains log
Captain's log, Stardate 4664.5. I am leading a convoy proceeding from Epsilon Lambda to the Andreas system, with three stops in between. I had not anticipated that so much time would be token up with just arranging how five ships will travel together.
Stardate 4664.6. We have arrived in the system of Bachman's Star without incident. The Sydney is beginning to unload her cargo Of colonists. The captain of the Dinsmore has claimed a special consideration…
Captain's Log Stardate 4654.7. We are now leaving the orbit of Augustus Prime. interference from the proximity of the star Augustus Gamma makes it necessary that we proceed at impuise power to the outer asteroid belt before engaging warp drive. All ships, both merchant and escort, are in excellent condition. I understand from captains Hseih and Shulaman that trade went well, though Captain Shulaman has some suggestions…
Captain's Log, Supplemental. We have arrived in the Wolf 51 system without incident and are scanning to determine the current location of the Trebilard Mining station, which has no fixed position. There has been no attack on the convoy so far.


Captain's Log, Stardate 4851.3. Once again, Federation space is threatened by a mysterious enemy, on enemy that has the ability to drain energy directly from ship's warp drive.
This final mission, "Chimera" appears to be unwinnable, as there is no "win-condition" breifing clip.


Starships and vehicles

Mother's prideGift from the starsKwarlez

Cargo ships

High RollerProtect SidneyProtect Dinsmore


Star systems

GolgothaNzambiNgewoAnansiEshuRuhangaDivanRegentAhidanHalvanAlphaxFraconiShendarEpsilon LyraJovian systemNeshraakArgrahWolf 51Epsilon LambdaAndreasBachman's StarAugustus GammaGamma DenubusChurchillAllendon

Planets and planetoids

Golgotha IGolgotha IIGolgotha IIIGolgotha IVGolgotha VGolgotha VIGolgotha VIIGolgotha VIII

Stations and outposts

Starbase 1317Starbase 73Starbase 42

States and organizations

SoodarStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


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