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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was a video game released by Interplay in 1997, and provided fans with the first 3D starship flight simulator for PC, along with a movie-based storyline featuring original characters taught by instructors, including three legendary characters from the Classic Star Trek universe.

In this computer game, released in 1997, by Interplay, you are a cadet at Starfleet Academy taking command classes, where you go through simulator training. To pass you have to accomplish at least 75% of the mission goal. If you don't pass it still shows you what job you will end up with. One of the simulator missions is the dreaded Kobayashi Maru, while others are based on the exploits of Kirk's Enterprise. For instance, there is a simulation recreation of Battle of the Mutara Nebula, that Captain Kirk notes ruefully is used to reinforce the need to take the proper defensive precautions when encountering a non-communicative ship he neglected in the actual incident.

Versions were released for the IBM PC and the Macintosh and a similar game, Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 and Sega Genesis 32X in 1995.

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Released by Pocket Books as a novelization of the Interplay video game.

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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Chekov's Lost Missions is a little add-on for SFA (released in 1998) which includes, as the title suggests, 7 new missions (with FMV briefings), which were (obviously) originally supposed to be in the final version of SFA, 2 new multiplayer missions, an update patch and other improvements.

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