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Starfleet Academy is a video game released by Interplay in 1997, the first Star Trek 3D starship flight simulator for computers, along with a movie-era-based storyline featuring original characters taught by instructors, including three legendary characters from the classic Star Trek universe.


In this computer game, you are a cadet at Starfleet Academy taking command classes, where you go through simulator training. To pass, you have to accomplish at least 75% of the mission goals. If you don't pass, you are shown what job you will end up with instead. One of the simulator missions is the dreaded Kobayashi Maru, while others are based on the exploits of Kirk's Enterprise. For instance, there is a simulation-recreation of Battle of the Mutara Nebula, that Captain Kirk notes ruefully is used to reinforce the need to take the proper defensive precautions when encountering a non-communicative ship he neglected in the actual incident.

Versions were released for the IBM PC and the Macintosh, and a similar game, Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 and Sega Genesis 32X in 1995.


Target Practice

The player can choose between a Oberth-class, Miranda-class or Constitution-class starship.
Mission objectives
Captain's log
Captain's log, stardate 2957.5. Weapons of war do not recognize truces, cease fires, or peace treaties. They are capable of killing millennia after their wars have been forgotten. Our mission involves these weapons. We must neutralize several dangerous mine fields that are threatening Federation space.

Routine Deployment

Mission objectives
  • Warp to Huron.
  • Target buoy, launch probe.
  • Pursue Khyzag to Onyx.
  • Stop buoy.
  • Destroy buoy.
  • Capture Khyzag.
Captain's log
Captain's log, stardate 2980.5. We have been assigned to Huron system to replace faulty probe that monitors a field of artifacts. We expect on uneventful mission.

This mission is analogous to Operation Retrieve in Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator where Onyx II is replaced by Beta II

Uninvited Guests

USS Agincourt, Constitution-class
Mission objectives
  • Warp to Epsilon
  • Protect the Auriga
  • Protect the Drake
  • Rescue the governor
  • Return to starbase
Captain's log
Captain's log, stardate 4065.4. A long, bloody war with the Klingons is probably the Federation's greatest fear. And, once again, an incursion from the Klingons has brought us to the brink.

Hide and Seek

"Hide and Seek (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. For other uses, see Hide and Seek (disambiguation).
USS Agincourt, Constitution-class
Mission objectives
  • Warp to Pascal
  • Find Romulan
  • Prevent Romulan escape
  • Stop invaders
  • Return to Starbase
Captain's log
Captain's log, stardate 3651.3. We are on a mission to intercept an intruder into Federation space, and, we hope, learn more about the reasons for the Klingon-Romulan invasion.

Nothing Ventured

Patrol the planets Churchill II, Allendon II, Montgomery II and Mountjoy II of the galactic rim to identify raiders in the area.

USS Tempest (NCC-1852) / Miranda class
Mission Objectives
  1. Scan Allendon II
  2. Scan Churchill II
  3. Scan Montgomery II
  4. Scan Mountjoy II
  5. Protect Freighters
  6. Identify Pirates
  7. Defend Motherlode
  8. Rescue Leipzig
  9. Warp to Walpole
  10. Return to Starbase
Captains log

Captain's log, Stardate 3101.7. A mysterious raider has attacked shipping along the galactic rim. Starfleet has ordered us to patrol the area in the hope that we will be able to uncover the raider's identity and stop them once and for all.

The scenario begins at Starbase 11. Upon arrival in the Allendon system the simulated crew will receive a distress call from the freighter Motherlode in the Churchill system. Additionally the Andorian Mining Corporation Autmated refuelling station Allendon 3A24 will offer their service.

Into the Abyss

"Into the Abyss (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for DS9 - Hearts and Minds comic: "Into the Abyss".

The Barrier

"The Barrier (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for TNG - The Star Lost comic: "The Barrier".

Divide and Conquer

"Divide and Conquer" redirects to here. You may be looking for TOS - Tests of Courage comic: "Divide... and Conquer".

Cry from the Dark

USS Tempest / Miranda class
  1. Investigate Heeya
  2. Protect Organisms
  3. Return to Starbase
Captains Log

Captain's Log, Stardate 3262.4. We're enroute to the Heeya system to investigate a strange set of sub-space distress calls. We don't know why so many different races would be in distress in a single system, but I guess that's what we'll find out.


"Escalation (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. For other uses, see Escalation (disambiguation).

This mission is a simulated battle between a Fleet of Starfleet Vessels and a new Klingon Cruiser codenamed Ber'taa.

USS Agincourt
Mission objectives
  1. Destroy First Wave
  2. Destroy Second Wave
  3. Destroy Third Wave
Captains log

Captain's log, Stardate 3610.5. This is only test of our capability against new enemy threat.


"Revenge (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. For other uses, see Revenge (disambiguation).

This mission is vaguely based on TOS episode, novelization & comic adaptation: The Wrath of Khan. The names of objects, locations and people have been altered.

Original Scenario Analogue
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) USS Agincourt (NCC-1601)
Ceti Alpha V Egeus II / Ceti-Prime prison colony
Khan Noonien Singh McNeil
Regula I Athena Station
Mutara Nebula Hyperion nebula
USS Reliant (NCC-1864) USS Oberon (NCC-1806)
Mission Objectives
Warp to Egeus
Investigate Prison Colony
Investigate Athena Station
Rescue Warden
Neutrolize McNeil
Warp to Aeres
Captains Log

Captain's Log, Stardate 3806.3. The USS Agincourt is on route to investigate the mysterious silence coming from the Egeus System. Both the Athena Science Station and the Ceti-Prime prison colony have gone off-line for no apparent reason, and hopetully we'll be able to assist In whatever situation we encounter.

Carry a Big Stick

Diplomatic Immunity

Kobayashi Maru

"Kobayashi Maru (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. For other uses, see Kobayashi Maru (disambiguation).

Balance of Terror

"Balance of Terror (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Balance of Terror.

The Best Laid Plans

The Sun God

End Game

"End Game (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for NF - New Frontier novel: End Game or VOY episode & novelization: Endgame.

Smuggler's Den

Common Ground

"Common Ground (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for STO video game: Common Ground season update.

The Ultimate Klingon

"The Ultimate Klingon (Starfleet Academy)" redirects to here. You may be looking for STO - Klingon War mission: "The Ultimate Klingon".

This mission is vaguly based on The Ultimate Computer. There the player faces a version of the M-5 computer that was stolen and modified by the Klingons.

USS Paris (NCC-2008) / Excelsior class
Support ships
USS Rutherford (NCC-1835) and the USS Alexandria (NCC-1842).
Mission objectives
  1. Warp to New Danube
  2. Investigate Klingons
  3. Protect Chancellor
  4. Protect Omega Altair
  5. Protect Proxman III
  6. Investigate Delta Lyra
  7. Stop the Klingon attacks
  8. Return to Starbase
Captains log

Captain's log, Stardate 4990.5. A Klingon fleet has crossed the Neutral Zone and has attacked Federation shipping. Starfleet has ordered the Paris to lead task force to repel this incursion into Federation space.

A World of Their Own

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) / Constitution class
Mission objectives
Investigate Meclanti
Captains Log

Captain's Log. Stardate 0000.2. My first patrol with my new ship and my old crew has gone very well. We're serving as an advance scout ship for the U.S.S. Truong. We've been patrolling near the Neutral Zone for over a month now, searching near the most recently destroyed Federation colony. Still no sign Of the Meclanti. Despite the gravity of our mission, I can't help feeling slightly… excited.


Starfleet Academy: Chekov's Lost Missions

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy — Chekov's Lost Missions is an add-on expansion for Starfleet Academy (released in 1998) which includes, as the title suggests, seven new missions (with FMV briefings), which were originally intended for inclusion in the final version of the base game; two new multiplayer-missions, an update patch, and other improvements.

Cast and crew




James T. KirkHikaru SuluPavel ChekovAex RotherotDavid ForesterSturek, son of StoonVanda M'GiiaGeoffery CorinRobin BradyJana AktonFrank MalanFaith GageForester's bridge simulation groupAlshoffAutomated Command Unit OneMav Markai


Ceti-Prime prison colony

Planets and planetoids

Allendon IIAstarea IIIBiceaChurchill IIDelta Lyra IIIEpsilon IVGamma IIIHeeya VHuron IJavik VIKurat ILursen PrimeMeridian IVMontgomery IIMountjoy IINew Danube IVOmega Altair IVOnyx IIPascal IIPiachi IIProxman IIIThaxius I

Stars and star systems

AeresAgeisAhldanAllendonAlpha CN-625Alpha HerculaeAnansiAstareaBeta CN-625Beta EpsilonCerebusChancellorCharybdis (system)Charybdis systemChurchill systemDamoclesDanteDanube (system)Danube systemDelta LyraDeznahDivanDraconis systemEgeusEpsilon systemGamma systemGamma CN-625Gamma EpsilonHeeyaHuron systemJavikKuratLambda TrianguliLauriaLaurierLursenMeridian systemMontgomery systemMountjoyNew DanubeOmega 12-300Onyx systemOrestesPascalPiachiProxmanRegis systemRigelS1222S1421S1422S1423S1622SiriusThaxiumThaxiusWalpole

Stellar objects

Abyss NebulaCassini 648Triangle nebulaGalactic barrierHyperion nebulaStygiaFederation-Klingon Neutral ZoneWell of Discord

Space stations

Starbase 11Starbase 12Starbase 21Starbase 42Edsion shipyardNew Liverpool shipyardAthena Science stationK-28Outpost 2Outpost 3Outpost 4Astarean Starbase 24Starbase 3215Allendon 3A24

States and organizations

Kelsi collectiveVenturiMimicKlingon High CouncilAstareanKlingonKlingon EmpireRomulanRomulan Star EmpireGornSaadirMeclanti

Starships and vehicles

Starfleet ships

USS EnterpriseUSS Tempest (main player vessel) • USS Banting (main player vessel) • USS RangerUSS Paris (main player vessel) • USS Columbia (main player vessel in Chekov's Lost Missions) • USS Agincourt (NCC-1813)USS Alexandria (NCC-1842)USS B'intokUSS KellyUSS MaineUSS RutherfordUSS Roma (in Chekov's Lost Missions) • USS Apollo (in Chekov's Lost Missions) • USS DemeterUSS TruongUSS Oberon


AurigaMotherlodePinter's FollyLeibzigMother's Pride
Tellarite freighters

Gorn ships

Sweet SongLong FlameNest Protector

Civilian ships





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