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Starfleet Academy Narrator's Guide is a reference book for the Last Unicorn Games TNG Star Trek RPG, one of three from the Starfleet Academy boxed set released in 1999.

Publisher's description[]

The soul of Starfleet resides in the Academy... Now you can enter the Academy and experience for yourself what it takes to become a member of the Federation's elite cadre.
  • Advice for Narrators on running an Academy-based series. Now, your Star Trek: The Next Generation games don't have to start with your first tour of duty.
  • Two complete adventures.


  • The Academy Series
    • Character Creation
      • The Personality Archetype
      • Character Development
    • Axioms of an Academy Series
  • Series Formats
    • Academy Cadets
      • The Supporting Cast
      • Guest Lecturers
      • Civilians
    • Story Themes
  • Survival Test
  • The Medusa Syndrome


Survival Test[]

Faced with a difficult survival course on a hostile alien planet, the crew finds itself embroiled in a real-life showdown with a Cardassian aggressor. To survive — let alone warn Starfleet of the encroaching danger — they must put their limited training, and all the initiative and ingenuity they can muster, to a test that goes well beyond what they were prepared for.

The Medusa Syndrome[]

Against the backdrop of classes, exams, and the forthcoming Sadie Hawkins Dance, a mysterious disease breaks out at Starfleet Academy, leaving its victims temporarily paralyzed and weakened. As the crew members race against the clock to find a cause for the disease (and get dates for the dance), they discover a malevolent energy being brought to campus in an alien archaeological artifact. They must track down and study this lifeform in an effort to end its depredations and find a cure for the disease..."



Survival Test characters[]

GivarNexxJosHans ZakarianAldosian lion

The Medusa Syndrome characters[]

Beneeta CharlestonGenevieve duChampLoralethMedusa WispAxander MoltrosArsula Roveen

Other characters[]

Referenced only 
Julian BashirCheungWesley CrusherFoleyJames T. KirkGeordi La ForgeNicholas LocarnoMordockJean-Luc PicardQ

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Fearless (Excelsior-class cruiser) • Gulliver (type 7 shuttlecraft) • Galor-class

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 


Aldos IIAlpha QuadrantDemilitarized ZoneDigrala IIIEarthholodeckSan FranciscoStarfleet Academy

States and organizations[]

Daystrom InstituteKlingon EmpireRed Squad

Other references[]

Corvan gilvosdilithiumDominion WarGrankite Order of TacticsKragite Order of HeroismMedal of HonoromphalosSadie Hawkins Dance