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As Starfleet's primary educational facility, Starfleet Academy has a great many available classes for aspiring officers.

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is a sub-course of astronomy, this course deals with the physics of the universe. [17]
Basic Warp Design
This is a required course at the Academy that includes teaching cadets how to create a intermix chamber. The first chapter in this course is called Zefram Cochrane. [18]
Diplomatic Protocol
This course deals with all levels of diplomatic protocol. [19]
Desert and Arctic Survival
This course gives Cadets the basic knowledge on how to survive in Desert and Arctic Environments. [20]
Early Starfleet History
A course that tests cadets on their knowledge of Starfleet history. One of many topics covered is the first five-year mission of the USS Enterprise. Shortly before returning to the Alpha Quadrant, then Captain Kathryn Janeway taught this course to Icheb as part of his Academy distance educational studies. [21]
Exocellular Biology
This course deals with reactions and processes that are initiated inside a cell and take place outside it. In 2371 Jayme Miranda took this intensive summer course at Starfleet Academy. [17]
History of the Prime Directive
Designed to impart the students with a working knowledge of the history of the Prime Directive (as the title states). [22]
Humanoid Anatomy
This course deals with humanoid physiology and biochemistry. [17]
Intergalactic literature
This course deals with various forms of intergalactic literature. [23]
Marlinspike Seamanship
This course deals with knot-tying and simple line repair. While at the Academy Jean-Luc Picard attempted to have the course dropped from the requisites, at the time of his attendance the teacher was Commander Graves. [24]
Military Science
James Kirk had to study Hannibal's military campaign against Rome in the Military Science course. [25]
Optronic Systems Engineering
This course familiarizes engineering cadets with Optronic systems. In 2375 Miles O'Brien took the Professor posting at Starfleet Academy for this course. [7]
Out on a Limb
This course is designed to give Starfleet cadets an idea on how to handle Security situations when they are not within reach of Starfleet Command. This course is instructed by Commander Tuvok as of 2378.[26]
Post-Traumatic Psych (PTP1)
This course deals with Assessing Exposure to Psychological Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress. [27]
Positive Visualization in Psychotherapy
This course is on the benefits of positive visualization in psychotherapy. This course was taught by Dr. Setheleyis th'Rasdeth until 2373, when he left the Academy. [20]
Quantum Mechanics
This course deals with quantum mechanics. [28]
Radio Astronomy
This course is a sub-course of astronomy that studies celestial objects at radio frequencies. [17]
Subspace Mechanics
Instructed by Aaronson in the 2250s. [15]
Also known as Caving. This course teaches Cadets everything they need to know about caving. [20]
Warp Engineering
In the early 2250s, Spock lead his year in the field along with eight other academic disciplines. [4]
This course deals with Warp Physics. [29]
This class teaches Cadets the basic protocols of Etiquette when meeting members of different species. [30]
This courses teaches cadets about zero-G environments and also provides two training exercises. [31][18]

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