A Cadet's Guide to Sector 001 Earth

A Starfleet BoI publication.

The Starfleet Bureau of Information is a division of Starfleet that provides material on a variety of subjects to Starfleet personnel.

The Starfleet Bureau of Information provides the Starfleet Basic Survival Manual to all members of Starfleet. (ST reference: The Starfleet Survival Guide)

The Starfleet Bureau of Information publishes a program on Earth that includes data on Earth's customs, culture, history and geography. In 2372, Julian Bashir gave a copy of the program on a PADD to Nog before Nog left Deep Space 9 for Starfleet Academy. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men")

Data on Casperia Prime was also provided by the Starfleet Bureau of Information. In 2374, Jadzia Dax studied the information when attempting to decide where she and Worf would take their honeymoon. (DS9 episode: "Change of Heart")


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