Star Trek: Starfleet Command III is a video game published by Activision in 2002. Despite the 'III' in the name, it was in fact the fourth entry in the Starfleet Command franchise, and the only one to be set in the TNG era.


SFC 3 lets the player command his/her own starship, in much the same way Bridge Commander does, though in a much more limited fashion. It allows the player to customize their own ship, upgrading weapons, shields, computer systems, engines, Transporters, Tractors, and hull armor.

The game features 4 playable races: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg. The Federation, Romulan and Klingon races have their own storyline, in which the player follows orders from command, to accomplish it's own unique goals. All 4 races can be played in conquest mode, where the player can chose their own missions, and play at their own pace, with one goal in mind, conquer the entire galaxy.

After a 2003 lawsuit between Activision and Viacom, sales of the game were discontinued. Activision ended its online support for the game in August, 2007, by deactivating the online access servers which allowed gamers to login and access the dynaverse servers. A small community of independent gamers operating from continues to maintain servers.


Starfleet Command III takes place shortly after the return of the USS Voyager to Federation space. The plot revolves around the construction of "Unity One", a joint Federation-Klingon starbase capable of detecting cloaked ships far into the Romulan Neutral Zone, and was intended to tie in to the then-upcoming feature film Star Trek Nemesis.

Klingon Empire - The player starts out as the younger son of the house of Mi'Qogh, and joins the elder brother Jureth for a mission before setting off on their own. The first few missions deal with the day-to-day dealings of the House and the Klingon Empire as a whole (such as anti-piracy patrols) before the player is asked to escort a convoy to Unity One, a station that is being built by the Federation and the Klingons in the Organian Treaty Zone. During these two missions, a race known as the Rakelli attack the convoy the player is escorting and then Unity One itself. It is also discovered that the Romulans are aware of the existence of Unity One, and they are none too happy about what they perceive to be a shift in the balance of power between the three governments. After this incident, the Klingons begin operations to bring the Rakelli in line. However, during these operations, Jureth's behavior changes drastically, and he begins ordering the player to commit acts that could be considered treasonous. Eventually, Jureth sends three vessels after the player, and the head of the House, General Mi'Qogh, must conclude that Jureth has become a threat to the Empire, with his ultimate goal being the destruction of Unity One. It then becomes a race to stop Jureth from carrying out his plans, and then the player must track down Jureth and bring him to justice.

Romulan Star Empire - The player starts out as a young Romulan commander who is being mentored by Admiral Arai, an agent of the Tal Shiar. The player starts out on a mission to locate and destroy some Klingon listening posts before embarking on missions revolving around day-to-day operations of the Empire. Arai then orders the player to penetrate the Organian Treaty Zone to survey the condition of Unity One after an 'incident' that has befallen the station. The player then participates in an initiation test at the behest of the Tal Shiar, and after the successful completion of said test, is briefed about the Tal Shiar's role in the events of the incident that befell Unity One and their ongoing efforts to bring down the station and drive a wedge between the Federation and the Klingons. The player is then sent into Federation space to retrieve a Tal Shiar operative who has successfully stolen Federation Incursion technology. After the successful completion of this mission and two others, the player's ship is called to a Tal Shiar test site to be fitted with the stolen technology, and after destroying a Federation convoy, a Klingon base station, and a Federation battle station, the player joins Arai and a convoy of Romulan ships to assault and destroy Unity One. The final mission debriefing reveals that the Unity One plot is connected to another Tal Shiar plot involving the Romulan Senate.

United Federation of Planets - Thanks to efforts of the Romulans, the Federation and the Klingon Empire find themselves on the brink of war. It is here where the player, as a young captain in Starfleet, is recruited by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise to assist with the investigation being led by Picard. The player must first deal with the immediate fallout of the destruction of Unity One, such as a Federation starship that believes the player's vessel to be part of the chaos, as well as three freighters that are not what they appear to be. Eventually, it is determined that the Romulans are responsible for the destruction of Unity One and the trouble in that region of space. After an espionage mission inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, Starfleet orders Task Force Nine, led by the Enterprise, to eliminate the threat posed by the Tal Shiar. After one of these missions, Picard reveals that intelligence reports have discovered that a suspicious person is forming a coalition to challenge the Praetor of the Romulan Empire, and that Starfleet believes that their strikes will make it harder for the Romulans to deal with the internal strife that a challenge to the leadership would bring. Eventually, after eliminating a Tal Shiar base inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, as well as the shipyard where the Incursion technology was fitted to Tal Shiar vessels, and the facility where the technology was being reverse-engineered, Starfleet and the Klingons set their sights on the Tal Shiar headquarters, located deep in Romulan space. The player's ship beams down strike teams to take Arai into custody and to destroy the Tal Shiar headquarters, all while dealing with the Romulan vessels present in those systems. In the games ending cinematic, Praetor Hiren appears and disavows any knowledge of Admiral Arai's actions. Picard warns Hiren that the Federation and the Klingons will be watching, and the Federation and Klingon vessels depart Romulan space, their mission a success, and the status quo is restored.

A campaign for the Borg was included with copies of the game bought from Best Buy, and centered around efforts to re-assimilate a group of Borg that had broken away from the collective.




Federation charactersEdit

Federation captains 
Bradley Barr (24th century)Stefani Cepek (24th century)Sven Havoc (24th century)Jake Hornberger (24th century)Phil Kosnett (24th century)Edwin Mergele (24th century)Gary Nimitz (24th century)Jean-Luc PicardShermanSorbokAnthony Stocker (24th century)Mark Taylor (24th century)Jeremy Weeks (24th century)

Klingon charactersEdit

Klingon captains 
KadrokKagan (24th century)KallonKang (2379)Karten (24th century)Karvic (24th century)Korath (24th century Captain)K'Nard (24th century)K'Trenn
Klingon chief engineers 
Klingon helm officers 
Kaleen (24th century)Kar BordrakeKargKeklaKenrehrKetrick (24th century)K'LatKornK'rinK'Teh (24th century)KuazurrKuk-pakKumas
Klingon science officers 
Aek-NorA'enn ThalmanAganAileerAirashAklashAmphraAotagAotanApnilArkasAusuch
Klingon security chiefs 
Klingon weapons officers 
Kann (24th century)Karth Valgras (24th century)Kasomia (24th century)K'DrasKeim (24th century)Kenthas (24th century)KhumarrKren'vokK'TorrKrosKurn (weapons officer)

Romulan charactersEdit

Romulan captains 
Tafev DeridexDesiusDiannaMal GlaviusLennardi MarcusAndros TaksulusVermatrix
Romulan chief engineers 
Arinius Domaric (24th century)Maxillius (24th century)Modavius (24th century)Leikeze Naes (24th century)Starn Suberus (24th century)Tama (24th century)Marcus Tiercellus (24th century)Vrac Vallius (24th century)Torindar Vrek (24th century)
Romulan helm officers 
Accersitus (24th century)Candus Fugo (24th century)Ellus Gabri (24th century)Pelagius Gloiu (24th century)Jeron (24th century)Xiphius Navigo (24th century)Cherov Orsanion (24th century)Rolindra (24th century)Marcus Tal (24th century)Linnus Torvar (24th century)Vendemiatrix (24th century)Vladamir (24th century)
Romulan science officers 
Dawntali (24th century)Galleron Fredex (24th century)Flavius Glavius (24th century)Mel Mellis (24th century)Octavianius (24th century)Rama (24th century)Remus (24th century)Sandavia (24th century)Semprinnius (24th century)Talon Tkorrick (24th century)Torius (24th century)Artemis Trium (24th century)
Romulan security chiefs 
Nhera Abudonni (24th century)Jenno Andican (24th century)Evid Dronnum (24th century)Dapris Dulitan (24th century)Tumulorum Fossor (24th century)Styopa Phliss (24th century)Marrio Plinne (24th century)Rossitus (24th century)Tormillius (24th century)
Romulan weapons officers 
Andrius (24th century)Berdos (24th century)Teric Caladislus (24th century)Barathrum Caries (24th century)Latissimus Dorsai (24th century) (24th century)Maximus (24th century)L'afe N'Drersen (24th century)Oxinamicus (24th century)Donarius Sectarius (24th century)Sempritenitus (24th century)Diruo Senex (24th century)Sirhc Turren (24th century)Nerok Volandus (24th century)


Federation starshipsEdit

USS AkiraUSS AquinoUSS BeginUSS CristianiUSS GaltieriUSS GorbachevUSS GrantUSS KennedyUSS KravchukUSS LandsbergisUSS LincolnUSS MitterandUSS RamosUSS ReaganUSS ShamirUSS ShevardnadzeUSS SihanoukUSS ThatcherUSS ThunderchildUSS Yeltsin
USS Ark RoyalUSS BenningtonUSS BoxerUSS DefiantUSS FormidableUSS FranklinUSS IllustriousUSS RangerUSS TiconderogaUSS ValiantUSS Victorious
USS AcruxUSS ActurusUSS AgenaUSS Al-BataniUSS AnakUSS AntaresUSS AustraliaUSS BelknapUSS BerlinUSS BetelgeuseUSS BinarUSS BismarckUSS Bunker HillUSS CairoUSS CanopusUSS CapellaUSS CharlestonUSS ClevelandUSS Crazy HorseUSS CrockettUSS DarionUSS DaytonUSS FearlessUSS FredricksonUSS GettysburgUSS GorkonUSS GrissomUSS GuirierreUSS HoodUSS HowlandUSS KirovUSS LakotaUSS LivingstonUSS MalincheUSS MatsumoUSS MissouriUSS MontanaUSS New JerseyUSS New ZealandUSS OkinawaUSS OrcaUSS PolluxUSS PotemkinUSS RepulseUSS SpicaUSS TecumsehUSS Valley ForgeUSS VegaUSS Vena
USS BarbUSS DolphinUSS HaddockUSS HalibutUSS IntrepidUSS MakoUSS PermitUSS PlungerUSS PollackUSS ScorpionUSS PufferUSS RenownUSS Thresher
USS Bonhomme RichardUSS C. LewisUSS ConstellationUSS ConstitutionUSS DefianceUSS EagleUSS El DoradoUSS EndeavorUSS EssexUSS ExcaliburUSS ExeterUSS FarragutUSS GalaxyUSS HoodUSS HornetUSS KongoUSS KriegerUSS LafayetteUSS LexingtonUSS MerrimacUSS MonitorUSS OdysseyUSS RepublicUSS SaratogaUSS ToriUSS ValiantUSS VentureUSS WaspUSS Yorktown
USS BellerphonUSS EndeavorUSS FarragutUSS HeraUSS LexingtonUSS MerrimacUSS MonitorUSS NebulaUSS PhoenixUSS PrometheusUSS SutherlandUSS T'KumbraUSS Ulysses
USS AliyahUSS AssawariUSS De RuyterUSS DefenceUSS GlorieUSS GrotonUSS IowaUSS KortenauerUSS MedinaUSS MekoUSS MichiganUSS MikasaUSS MissouriUSS NakenUSS North CarolinaUSS NorwayUSS OlympiaUSS PervenetzUSS PiorunUSS VosperUSS Warspite
USS AmstrongUSS AndersonUSS ChakaUSS DegrasseUSS DoolittleUSS Du BoisUSS GarveyUSS GleavesUSS HalseyUSS HosegawaUSS HughesUSS JonesUSS McCluskyUSS NimitzUSS RandolphUSS Richard I. BongUSS ReynoldsUSS SaberUSS SenyavinUSS SpruanceUSS Thomas B. McGuire, Jr.USS TowersUSS VilleneuveUSS WhitetreeUSS Yeager
USS AffiliationUSS AgamemnonUSS AllianceUSS AssociationUSS BabylonUSS ConsortiumUSS DirectorateUSS EntenteUSS FederationUSS HarrierUSS SolidarityUSS SovereignUSS UnificationUSS Unity

Romulan starshipsEdit

D'deridex-class (dreadnought)
RIS AdversariusRIS AtroxRIS AuspexRIS CaelumRIS D'deridexRIS DevorasIRW D'TrellRIS Fideles MilesRIS FortiterRIS FurensRIS ImpavidusRIS InclutusRIS MetuendusRIS ProvocatioRIS StragesRIS TerixRIS TriumphoRIS Vindex
Falcon-class (destroyer
RIS Albus AccipiterRIS Aurum AccipiterRIS Caelum AccipiterRIS Corona AccipiterRIS Cruentus AccipiterRIS Febris AccipiterRIS Fidelis AccipiterRIS Flamma AccipiterRIS Imperatoris AccipiterRIS Laute AccipiterRIS Lucidus AccipiterRIS Novus AccipiterRIS Passer AccipiterRIS Proelium AccipiterRIS Pullus AccipiterRIS Regalis AccipiterRIS Regis AccipiterRIS Regnare AccipiterRIS Regulus AccipiterRIS Sanguis AccipiterRIS Sceptrum AccipiterRIS Stella AccipiterRIS Trucido AccipiterRIS Validus AccipiterRIS Velocitas Accipiter
Hawk-class (cruiser
RIS BellatorRIS BellumIRW CathexRIS CenturioRIS ColereRIS DominusRIS ExactorRIS Ferae AvisRIS Ferus IgnusRIS Furor GravisRIS HereditasRIS ImperiumRIS IraRIS LatescoRIS Lunas DuoRIS Prior LocusRIS RespublicaRIS SaevitaRIS SuperstesRIS TriumverateRIS UlcisciRIS UnusRIS Vulnus
Raptor-class (heavy battle cruiser
RIS AcheronRIS AmentiaRIS Astra VolantisRIS Aviis FurorRIS Avis BellumRIS Avis ClarusRIS Caelum BeluaRIS Casus UrinoRIS Dignitus VulnusRIS EpopsRIS Fatalis PennaRIS Fatum ManusRIS FulmenRIS GryfalconRIS GyphonRIS Ignus ProeliumRIS KrakenRIS Letum VulnusRIS Manes AvisRIS Modo GloriaRIS Nox BellumRIS Nox ex IgnusRIS PugnatorRIS Romulan FurorRIS ShikraRIS SkuaRIS Sui IurisRIS Tonitrus BellumRIS Triumverate
Shrike-class (light cruiser
RIS AquilaRIS AriesRIS CanisRIS CetusRIS CorvusRIS CygnusRIS DoradoRIS DracoRIS DelphinusRIS EqqusRIS GrusRIS LacertaRIS LeonisRIS LupusRIS LyncisRIS MonocerosRIS OrcusRIS PavoRIS ScorpiiIRW SorenRIS SqualusRIS TarusRIS UrsusRIS VolantisRIS Vulpes
Talon-class (frigate
RIS AccipiterRIS AudaciaRIS AudaxRIS CarniflexRIS Circumire LustrareRIS ClarescereRIS ConducticiusRIS ExcidiumRIS ExidiumRIS ExploratorRIS FicudaRIS FortisRIS Galea ex ReaRIS GloriosusRIS ImpavidusRIS IncepterisRIS IndagatorRIS KestrelRIS LaureolaRIS MortisRIS Operis ExactorRIS OppugnatioRIS PatricusRIS PeregrinatorRIS PraenuntiusRIS PraetorianRIS PoenaRIS Pro ConsuleRIS SanquinariusRIS SenatarianRIS SuperareRIS TiroRIS TonitrusRIS UltioRIS VexatorRIS ViatorRIS VindexRIS Vultur
Romulan shuttle
Romulan freighter


Klingon bird-of-prey 
IKV BloodlustIKV BoqratIKV B'RelIKV ChemvaHIKV FangIKV FirebrandIKV Hegh'taIKV K'VortIKV LIngta' IKV RotaarranIKV MIl'oDIKV NorghIKV PaghIKV QajIKV Qa'HomIKV Suy' IKV TeghbatIKV To'bajIKV Toppa' IKV VIghro'
IKV AmarIKV B'MothIKV GhIqtalIKV GhobIKV Gr'othIKV K'TingaIKV QItI'ngaIKV SubIKV T'OngIKV VaHIKV Ya'Vang
IKV DaqtaghIKV Fek'lhrIKV GhanjaqIKV GhIntaqIKV GhItIKV GhonDoqIKV JeqqIjIKV MeqleHIKV Naq'jejIKV Jey'naSIKV 'obmaQIKV TajtIqIKV Yan
IKV BaqgholIKV BIQDepIKV BortasIKV JanIKV MI'va' IKV 'O'lavIKV Qu'VatIKV Vor'chaIKV WamwI'
IKV BeyIKV BomIKV CharghwI' IKV Chon bomIKV ChongIKV Gha'tlhIqIKV GhobIKV HarghIKV LopIKV NanIKV Negh'varIKV QajunpaQIKV Qa'VakIKV QomIKV SIQwI' IKV VaQIKV YoHwI'


Be'Qai ShipyardsUnity OneRomulan Neutral Zone

Stars and star systemsEdit

AcamarAchernarAchirdAcruxAcubensAdhaferaAdharaAdhilAinAladfarAlbireoAlchibahAlcorAlcyoneAldebaranAlderaminAlfirkAlgenibAlgolAlgorabAliothAlkaidAlkaluropsAlkesAlmach systemAlmeisanAlnilamAlnitakAlphardAlpheratzAlsafiAlshainAltairAlterfAludraAlulaAlyaAnchaAnkaaAntaresArcturusArkabArnebArrakisAscellaAsellusAsmidiskeAsteropeAtikAtlas systemAtriaAuvaAviorAzhaBahamBatenBellatrixBestariBetelgeuseBoteinCanopusCapellaCaphCastorCelaenoCharaChelebChooChortChowCorCujamCursaDabihDenebDenebolaDiphdaDragoDscubbaDubheDzibanEdasichElectraEltaninEnifErFarnudaFomalhautFumFurudGacruxGateway systemGemma systemGiauzarGienahGomeisaGrumiumGraffiasHadar systemHamalHeimdellHekaHomamHezeJabbahJabhatKaffaljidhmKaouKarizibanKausKitalphaKooKochabKornephorosKrazKumaKurhahLesathLodashLost HopeMaasimMaazMagiMaiaMarfikMarkabMatarMebsutaMegrezMehmMekbudaMenkibMenkalinanMenkarMenkentMerakMeropeMesarthrimMiaplacidusMimosaMinkarMintakaMiraMirachMirfakMizarMothallahMuhlifainMulipheinMulu-liziMuphridMurzimMuscidaNa'irNaosNashiraNekkarNihalNodusNunkiNusakanOntosilPhactPhadPherkabPleionePolarisPolluxPorrimaPraecipulaPrijipatiPrimusProcyonPropusRanaRasRasalasRasalgethiRastabanRegulusRigelRotanevRuchbaRuchbahRukbatSabikSadachbiaSadalSadalbariSadanSadatoniSadrSaiphSargasSarin systemScheatSchedarSchemaliScutulumSeatSeginSeginusSheliakShaulaSheratanSiriusSitulaSkatSpicaSualocinSuhailSulafatSyntonSyrmaTalithaTaniaTarazedTarfTaygetaTegmeniTejatThabitThubanTsihTseenTszeTylUkdahUnukVegaVerlosVindemiatrixVolanusWasatWezenWeznYedYildunZaniahZaurakZavijavaZevarusZozmaZubenZubenhakrabi
Other systems
AccellusAlderamAlmachAltar systemAsteropeAtriusBerry systemBrutus systemCor CaroliCorvus systemDeneb BetaDhum'QhaDhu'QuaDidactiFev'TokFuh'RhudGhandiGulvariaHadachiHamalzIzar systemKannonKaphKaplhaadKe KwanusKrychekMelik systemMenkalinMira MajNereitNew CamdenPersevusPilum systemPlacidusQaitosRaiRastanRhota'NevRigelkenRoddenSadatSolarisTegmineThalimainTok'BhulValhalla systemWozZaxx'n

Planets and planetoidsEdit

Federation worlds 
Accellus IXAdhil PrimeAlderam IIIAlpheratz IIAncha IVAltair VIArcturus VIIAsterope IVAtlas VIIIBerry VIIBotein IIICanopus ICapella IDeneb BetaDrago PrimeElectra IXFarnuda VIGacrux VGateway VIIHadachi IIIHeimdallLodash VIIILost HopeMaaz IIMagi IIIMaia XMehm IXMenkalin VNew Camden VIIOntosilPhact IVPleione IIProcyon PrimeRasalgethi IIIRastan VIRigelken IIRodden PrimeSirius XSolaris VIIISynton IVTaygeta IThalimainValhalla VVerlos VVolanus
Klingon worlds 
AlmachDhum'Qha IDhu'Qua VIIFev'Tok IIIFuh'Rhud VIIIHadar IVHamalz IIKannon VKaph IIIKaplhaad IVKraz IXKrychek VIMaaz IIIMinkar XMirach VIINekkar VNereit IVNusakan VIIIPhad IIQaitos VIQo'noSQua'KhanRai VRhota'Nev PrimeRuchba ISadachbiaTarazed PrimeTarf XTegmine IXTok'Bhul VIWoz VII
Romulan worlds 
Acrux IXAin IAlcyone IIAvior VIIIAtrius VBestari XBrutus XChara XCor Caroli IXCorvus VIIIDidacti IVGemma VIIIzar IVKe Kwanus VMelik VMira Maj VIPersevus IIIPilum IVPlacidus IIPrimus IVRomulusSadallSadat VISalaHScheat IIIScutulum IIISeginus IISheratan VIISitula IZaxx'n VIZevarus Prime
Borg worlds 
A0101B2020Borg PrimeC0303D4213E5015F6629G7457H8190J9108K10A1L20B2M30C9N40D8P5115Q6262R7777S10T1T9559V3434W0006X6001Y4242Z0001
Species 8472 worlds 
Cardassian worlds 
Cardassia PrimeCardonneGulvaria VI
Ferengi worlds 
Rakellian worlds 
Pirate worlds 
Neutral worlds 
Altar IIGhandi VPeace

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Borg CollectiveKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireUnited Federation of Planets


Myotronic beam



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