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The Starfleet Marine logo as used in the late-23rd century

The Starfleet Marine Corps, or simply the Starfleet Marines, are the infantry forces of the Federation's Starfleet. Unlike the rest of Starfleet's service personnel, who used a naval ranking structure, the Marines use a rank structure based on equivalents of Earth infantry-based militaries, such as the MACOs. One early variant of the SFMC was the Starfleet Ground Attack Marines of the 2160s, a force that was considered inactive by the 24th century. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War; FASA RPG modules: Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook, Federation Ship Recognition Manual, Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update, The Four Years War)


During the Four Years War (c. 2250s), Starfleet Marines landed on Laxala, and constructed plasteel huts for their bases.

Marines were regularly sent to Ing in the late 23rd century to mount to flush-out anti-Federation Orion rebels, launch counter-offensives and destroy their bases of operation, but with limited success. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

In 2293, the SFMC was slated to take part in Operation Retrieve. They would have landed teams on Rura Penthe and participated in a direct assault on the Klingon prison complex on that planet. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

In that film, the SFMC was not spoken of in dialogue; however, the Operation Retrieve command briefing did feature them. This marks the only canonical mention of the SFMC.


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