The Starfleet Medical Journal was a professional publication for medical professionals in Starfleet.

On Stardate 2231.2, Starfleet Medical Journal issue 421 published the article "Searching for Answers: Hope for Humans with Blood-Based Hyperplasia" by Doctor Karen Nico Patterson. (TOS novel: Cloak)

Dr. Campbell Roberts published infrequently in the Starfleet Medical Journal in the late 2260s. (TOS short story: "First, Do No Harm")

In January 2377, Simon Tarses planned to write an article for the Journal on his use of nanites in genitronic replication while treating Ro Laren. Julian Bashir hoped it would have a happy ending. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

Later that year, the Doctor aboard the USS Voyager considered writing an article for the Journal following his experience sharing Seven of Nine's body. (VOY episode: "Body and Soul")

See also: Federation Journal of Medicine.

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