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The Starfleet uniform was redesigned and introduced in 2373, with the previous version slowly phased out over a period of years.

Duty uniform[]

Command, operations, and science division uniforms introduced in 2373.

The new two-piece uniform was fashioned from a thicker, heavier quality fabric and, like the previous version's jumpsuit variant, was almost all-black. The jacket had quilted heather gray shoulders with the wearer's division or department indicated by a coloured sleeve stripe near the cuff. The under-shirt was also coloured to denote the division, the collar of which protruded from the neck of the jacket and held the rank insignia, which is the purple-gray and division colors of the under-shirt and shoulders reversed. (SA comic: "Renegades"; Later episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", TNG movies: First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis, VOY episodes: "Message in a Bottle", "Hope and Fear", "Timeless", "Pathfinder", "Life Line", "Inside Man", "Author, Author", "Friendship One")


Science division tunic-style uniform.

Variations of this uniform existed, including a formal double-breasted tunic-style jacket with a division-coloured lining. This jacket could be worn with fitted trousers and calf-length boots, and was in service some time after 2379. (Starfleet Academy SCISEC Briefs episodes)

Flag officer uniform[]

The flag officer's version of this uniform style was introduced no later than 2374. The tunic-style jacket ended at the hips and could be secured with a belt buckle around the waist. It was decorated with gold piping around the collar and along the front fastening seams. The division-coloured stripe around the cuff was wider than on the standard duty uniform, with a further rank insignia pin attached on each stripe. (DS9 episodes: "Behind the Lines", "Favor the Bold"; TNG movies: Insurrection, Nemesis)

Dress uniform[]

Introduced no later than 2375, the dress uniform was a complete departure from previous styles, with a white waist-length jacket and gold braid trim. (DS9 episode: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"; TNG movies: Insurrection, Nemesis)



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