The Starfleet uniforms in the mid 2160s used elements from all of the founding member states of the United Federation of Planets, replacing the previous design that had been used from the early 2140s to the early 2160s. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

Standard duty uniforms[edit | edit source]

The standard duty uniforms were first worn by the crew of the USS Franklin following the founding of the Federation. It was gray with the division color on the shoulders with that same color as a stripe that went from the zipper and around the back. It had the same colored lining on the legs of the jumpsuit. It had the mission patch for the ship the officer served on sewed onto the right shoulder and the Starfleet insignia sewed on the other. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Command Gold Operations Red Sciences Blue
B Edison file.png A Le file.png J. Wolff file.png

Bomber jacket[edit | edit source]

Lt. Commander Scott wearing the bomber jacket in 2263.

In addition to the standard duty uniform, a black leather bomber jacket could be worn on away missions. The Franklin's bomber jacket featured its assignment patch on the shoulders. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

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