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For the primary universe counterpart, see USS Stargazer (NCC-2893).

In the mirror universe, the Stargazer was a ship used by the Terran Rebellion in the 24th century, active in the 2330s decade. She was one of a few ships on the run from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, which was intent on destroying the entire Terran race.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2333, the Stargazer was captained by Gilaad Ben Zoma, and her crew included Gerda Idun Asmund and Montgomery Scott. Two of her crew, Andreas Nikolas and Phigus Simenon, were lost in a battle with a Klingon bird-of-prey. The ship was used several weeks later in an attempt to kidnap an alternate Simenon to replace the Gnalish engineer. Several of her systems, including communications, were still damaged from the previous battle. (STA novel: Three)

Appendices[edit | edit source]

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This is apparently not the same ship as the ISS Stargazer.
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