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Holberon Samelson
Referenced only
James T. KirkMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru Sulu

Starships and vehicles


Andor-class (class IX cruiser) • Baker-class (class IX destroyer) • Chandley-class (class XI frigate) • Constitution-class (class XII cruiser) • Enterprise-class (class XI cruiser) • Excelsior-class (class XIII battleship) • Gagarin-class (class V research vessel) • Larson-class (class VII destroyer) • Loknar-class (class VIII frigate) • Northhampton-class (class X frigate) • Reliant-class (class XI research cruiser) • Remora-class (class VII escort)
Referenced only
USS EnterpriseUSS Hood


BH2-class (class IX battleship) • MA12-class (class VI cruiser) • MD8-class (class X cruiser) • SS3-class (class VI destroyer)


Monarch-class (class IX freighter) • Lotus Flower-class (class X freighter)


Komo Val-class (class XII battleship) • K't'agga-class (class VIII cruiser) • K't'inga-class (class IX cruiser) • Lara'atan-class (class IX destroyer) • Riskadh-class (class X cruiser) • Sivista-class (class X frigate) • Talat Kh'exesta-class (class VII escort) • V'kar Zadan-class (class VI destroyer) • Z'gavasta-class (class IX frigate)


Wanderer-class (class V blockade runner) • Lightning-class (class IV blockade runner)


Aye Mosaram-class (class X cruiser) • Morlasasi Stelam-class (class XIII battleship) • Reemea-class (class VI destroyer) • S'ten Vastam-class (class X cruiser) • Vas Hatham-class (class VI cruiser) • Vas'deletham-class (class XII cruiser) • Verelam Vastarum-class (class V scout)

Stations and outposts

Alamo-class (Federation defense outpost) • R1-class (Federation orbital defense outpost) • Vas'calanam-class (Romulan border defense outpost) • Zha Mortas-class (Klingon defense outpost)

States and organizations

Gorn AllianceKlingon EmpireOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

cloaking devicedeflector shieldFWB-1FWD-2GWC-1GWD-2Kobayashi Maru scenariomineOWA-1OWA-2phaserphoton torpedoRWC-1RWC-2RWD-2RWF-1