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Starship Trekkers is a satirical comic strip appearing in Star Trek Magazine, starting with US issue #41. The strip features "The Worst Crew in Starfleet!", the crew of the USS Armitage, and presents stories in a comedic fashion. The characters and settings are original but are loosely based on existing ones from the Star Trek universe.


While the series clearly takes place in the 24th Century, its exact timeline placement is unclear. Most of the characters wear TNG uniforms, implying that this may take place during the run of that series or shortly thereafter. Ensign Bunsen, however, appears to have a Star Trek: First Contact-era uniform, inexplicably.

The first comic clearly sets the story long after the events of "Encounter at Farpoint", with a rebuilt Farpoint Station. Besides that, few clues have been given in the series.


The first strip, Brief Encounter at Farpoint.

  • US #41 - Brief Encounter at Farpoint
  • US #42 - Party at the Edge of Forever
  • US #43 - A Sock Time
  • US #44 - Through a Mirror Daftly
  • US #45 - The Way of the Worrier
  • US #46 - Into Dorkness
  • US #47 - The Wrath of Ken
  • US #48 - The Tribble with Troubles
  • US #49 - A Piece of the Auction
  • US #50 - Spectre of the Gum
  • US #51 - The Motion Picture
  • US #52 - iBorg
  • US #53 - Genesis II: The Terrapin Incident
  • US #54 - These Aren't the Voyages...
  • US #55 - Turnadot Intruder
  • US #56 - Charlie XXX
  • US #57 - The Tholian World Wide Web
  • US #58 - Beyond Belief
  • US #59 - Journey to Bubble
  • US #60 - The Devil in the Dork
  • US #61 - Where No One Has Gorn Before
  • US #62 - Very Disco
  • US #63 - The Search for Socks
  • US #64 - Battle of the Custardy Tarts
  • US #65 - Lathe
  • US #66 - Magic to Make the Dumbest Man Go Duh
  • US #67 - Beam Us Up
  • US #68 - Hall of Mirrors Universe
  • US #69 - Infinite Mugatos
  • US #70 - Starfleet Academy Reunion
  • US #71 - Borg Ferengi
  • US #72 - DVD Marathon
  • US #73 - Chair Upgrade
  • US #74 - Sneeze
  • US #75 - Dr. Soong's Brasso Buff
  • US #76 - Cosplay EV Suit



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