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Stavos Keniclius 5 was the fifth incarnation of the 22nd century Human Augment scientist, Stavos Keniclius. Keniclius 5 was living with the Phylosians whom his ancestor had accidentally brought a plague upon when he arrived on the planet Phylos II. Keniclius 5 was continuing his line's search for the perfect and selfless individual to create an army of clone giants to act as a galactic police force. The Phylosian before the plague had similar goals of imposing peace on the galaxy and the survivors referred to him as their master and savior. Eventually kidnapping and cloning Spock when the Enterprise arrived on the planet, he was responsible for creating Spock 2. However, Kirk was able to convince Keniclius 5 that the Federation had already brought stability and peace to the galaxy and his army was not needed. Confounded, and considering if he even still had a reason to exist, he ultimately chose to continue to work with Spock 2, with no further clones being produced. (TAS episode & Log Two novelization: The Infinite Vulcan)

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