In the mirror universe, Stephane Louvin was a Terran male who ruled as Emperor of the Terran Empire during the 22nd and 23rd centuries.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rise to power[edit | edit source]

Stephane Louvin was born on Earth. At some point during his life, Louvin was enslaved for political reasons. In 2186, Louvin managed to suppress a bloody uprising on Andor led by the Endilev clan by rallying the forces needed to do the job. Their utter defeat at his hands was turned into an instrument in his own bid for the throne, allowing him to become Emperor.

Unable to accept a second crushing defeat at the hands of the Terran Empire, the Andorians, en masse, underwent a religious and philosophical renaissance and, over the course of only a few years, embraced a new belief that Louvin was the reincarnated embodiment of Krotus, an ancient Andorian conqueror.

Imperial Regime[edit | edit source]

Surprised and amused by this new development, Louvin put the Andorians' loyalty to use when dealing with the Klingons in 2218. Louvin offered the Klingons the role of favored slaves and guards, which seriously galled the proud Andorians. As a result, when the Klingons rejected his offer and it became necessary to extinguish them once and for all, the Andorians were the most eagerly aggressive attackers, determined to keep their status as the Empire's favored warriors.

Louvin, smart enough to reward and cultivate Andorian passion, but hardly willing to keep them literally at his side, elevated Andor to vassal status.(sharecropping and also Independent farmers owing money to banks which indirectly controls farm schedules)

In 2250, Louvin was approached by a Ferengi captain named Azark, who had made first contact with the Empire when an Imperial Starfleet vessel found his vessel "salvaging" communications equipment from an unmanned Imperial starbase. Azark then unveiled his plan, stating that Ferenginar would become a vassal world of the empire and, in return for its guaranteed submission, Azark would be made Grand Nagus. Emperor Louvin readily agreed to Azark's terms and, with the help of Starfleet intelligence, Azark's coup went off without a hitch.

However, Starfleet personnel failed to notice the escape of the old Grand Nagus, nor did they notice the strong resemblance in portraits between Azark and the former Grand Nagus. Azark quickly neutralized any inclination Emperor Louvin might have had to further investigate the matter by funneling much-needed ludugial gold both into the Imperial coffers and into Louvin's own accounts.

In the early 2250s, Louvin was overthrown by Captain Garth of Izar, who had taken over the Axanari resistance and used them as his own tool in the ascent to Senatorial power. The only known survivor of Louvin's regime was Kodos, Louvin's aide, who managed to escape during the coup that brought Garth to power. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

Connections[edit | edit source]

Preceded by:
Emperor of the Terran Empire
2186 – Early 2250s
Succeeded by:
Garth of Izar
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