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Stephen Foyle was a Human male and an officer of the Military Assault Command Operations in the 22nd century. He served as the MACO detachment commander aboard the starship Columbia (NX-02) until his death.


By 2155, Foyle had attained the rank of major and was serving as MACO unit commander aboard the Columbia (NX-02). Stephen had married Valerie Foyle by this time as well. In preparation for his military service, Foyle attended the war college at Credenhill.

Following an attack by the Romulans, the Columbia used its impulse engines to make a journey to reach the nearest class M planet showing signs of technology, and experienced time dilation effects. The thoughts of being away from his family for so long and not being consulted just because he wasn't a flight officer bothered the Major greatly, so much so that he often considered the possibility of removing Captain Erika Hernandez from command and taking over the vessel.

Foyle was later part of the landing party to the planet Erigol that made first contact with the Caeliar race. After being informed that the landing party would be unable to return to their vessel, or to leave Erigol ever again, Foyle, along with chief engineer Karl Graylock and weapons officer Kiona Thayer, hatched a detailed plot to force the Caeliar to restore the Columbia and the landing party to their own time. Foyle and fellow MACO Lieutenant Vincenzo Yacavino were able to beam aboard the Columbia with a Caeliar prisoner, informing transporter officer Katrin Gunnarsdóttir that four flight officers, including the Captain and First Officer, were dead. However, the plan was thwarted by Captain Erika Hernandez who had advised the Caeliar not to cooperate. However, the consequences of Foyle's plan were far-reaching, and a chain of events were set in motion that resulted in the creation of an unstable subspace tunnel, the relocation in time of the cities of Axion and Mantilis, the destruction of many other Caeliar cities and of the planet Erigol itself.

Major Foyle was killed along with the rest of the crew by hyperphasic radiation when the Columbia entered the unstable subspace tunnel. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)



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