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In the mirror universe, Stephen Garrovick was a Terran Imperial Starfleet officer during the 23rd century.

By 2264, he had risen to the rank of captain and was placed in command of the ISS Farragut. One of the officers under his command was Lieutenant James T. Kirk, whom he took particular delight in humiliating in front of the entire crew. In revenge, Lieutenant Kirk arranged for Garrovick and two hundred of his crew to be killed by a dikironium cloud creature. Kirk later claimed that the night after Garrovick's death, he slept better than he had in years.

In the aftermath of the Farragut disaster, Kirk was promoted to lieutenant commander and placed on medical leave while the Farragut remained in Earth Spacedock, having yet to be assigned a new captain. Kirk was ordered to report to what the Terran Empire euphemistically referred to as a "grief counselor." Although he was confident that Starfleet Command would not discipline him as his actions were consistent with Starfleet's rules of promotion, Kirk was concerned that the survivors of the dead Farragut crewman would attempt to seek their revenge by bribing the grief counselors. In order to avoid such an eventuality, Kirk requested that he be allowed to have the required psychiatric sessions with Doctor Simon Van Gelder, an old friend of his from Starfleet Academy who was by then the second-in-command of the Tantalus Penal Colony. Starfleet Command granted his request. (TOS - Mirror Universe short story: "The Greater Good")

Captain Garrovick's son David Garrovick later served aboard the ISS Enterprise, which was by then under Kirk's command. (TOS novel: Dark Victory)

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