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A crewman has been murdered aboard the USS Trident, and all evidence points to Ensign Janos of the USS Excalibur-A. Captain Mackenzie Calhoun is reluctant to accept that Janos, a powerful non-humanoid whom the captain has known and trusted for years, could be a killer, and immediately launches an investigation into the crime. But this troubling murder mystery soon escalates into a full-fledged diplomatic crisis that threatens to pit Calhoun and Captain Elizabeth Shelby against the entire United Federation of Planets -- and the Starship Enterprise.

Meanwhile, the turmoil involving Ensign Janos forces Calhoun to recall his own tempestuous past, his rocky relationship with a young Elizabeth Shelby -- and a long-ago exploit that may have everything to do with the deadly emergency that now confronts them all!

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Marius BethomBialerB'ndriBoothbyBragonierBurgoyne 172Mackenzie CalhounChristopherClarkeC'n'dazCrownDataTheresa DetwilerD'ndaiArex Na EthFitzhughGleauLeanne GoldMick GoldGribbleHarrisonHeisenbergJanosEdward JellicoKalindaZak KebronJoshua KemperLangdonLawfordRobin LeflerLittleLylaCraig MitchellM'RessKat MuellerAlynna NechayevMorgan PrimusSelarElizabeth ShelbySoletaSpockRomeo TakahashiTraversTulanVillersVincent WexlerRay WilliamsWorfXyonYarborough
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Raymond ChandlerZefram CochraneElvis ColeMax Allan CollinsRobert CraisSi CwanGarth of IzarMick GoldDashiell HammettNate HellerDixon HillJames T. KirkMalloyMargolinPhilip MarloweLeonard McCoyMark McHenryMontgomery ScottSam SpadeSullivanHikaru SuluTracy TorméMark TwainLewis Zimmerman

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ColumbusUSS Enterprise-EUSS Excalibur-AUSS StargazerUSS Trident

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Alpha Sigma IXAltair VIArena of ChallengeDanterDaystrom InstituteNeuralPlatonisPoseidonisQandisRidge MountainsSector 21306Starbase 6Talos IVTitanUltisXenex

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StarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Internal AffairsUnited Federation of Planets

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bahooncrimeEx astris, scientiagerbilgrozitJefferies tubeKobayashi Maru scenariomugatomurdertechnologytribbleweaponyear

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Gods Above
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Rising Son (Chapter 15)
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Lefler's Logs
Then; Chapters 1-13
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Chapter 18

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