Storel was a Vulcan member of the Kolinahru who served as a Watcher during the 23rd century.

In 2229 Storel's frame was lean and he had dark hair. He accompanied T'sai to the quarters of T'Rea to deliver the rulling of the Kolinahru that T'sai would be replacing T'Rea as High Master of the Kolinahru.

At some point in the 23rd century, a young Sybok attacked a frail Storel outside the entrance way to the Hall of Ancient Thought in order to recover the vre'katra of his mother T'Rea. Sybok's forced mind meld was used to recover the location of the vre'katra that he sought, however it caused permanent damage to Storel's mind. (TOS novelization: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

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