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Storming Heaven was a Vanguard novel, written by David Mack, published by Pocket Books in March 2012.


Vanguard is under siege. Surrounded by enemies, Admiral Nogura sends the scout ship Sagittarius to find an ancient weapon that might be the Federation's only hope of stopping the alien threat known as the Shedai . . . Qo'noS is wracked by scandal. Councillor Gorkon fights to expose a Romulan plot to corrupt members of the Klingon High Council, only to learn the hard way that crusaders have few allies, and even fewer friends . . . Tholia teeters on the brink of madness. To prevent Starfleet from wielding the Shedai's power as its own, the Tholians deploy an armada with one mission: Kill the Shedai—by destroying Vanguard.


The Wanderer gathers many of the Shedai to a newly-formed planet in order to arouse them to make war on the quadrant. The Maker, the oldest of their kind, is not in attendance as she is still lost in the depths of space.

Duras meets with a Romulan agent named Valina, who is posing as a prostitute in a brothel. Duras trades Klingon intelligence on the Shedai for information on how to make Romulan cloaking technology compatible with Klingon ships, before the two experience coitus. Duras’ link to the Romulans is later revealed by Councillor Gorkon, through Lugok, through Jetanien, and also through Pennington.

Carol Marcus is growing tired of working under Starfleet direction and censorship. Ming Xiong and she find themselves increasingly at odds about the secrecy surrounding Project Vanguard. Marcus mentions that they accidentally destroyed the planet Ceti Alpha VI through dabbling with Shedai technology. As part of the greater coverup, Starfleet secretly changes its star charts to indicate that Ceti Alpha V is supposedly Ceti Alpha VI.

With all his friends gone, Doctor Fisher decides to retire and leave to live near his daughter. He books passage in the VIP quarters aboard a freighter bound for Mars leaving in a few weeks.

The Endeavour detects a build-up of Tholian warships along their border and becomes worried they are about to move into the Taurus Reach, while the Sagittarius tracks down the location of the Tkon crystals to a satellite holding station above the Eremar pulsar. The Tholians send a fleet to destroy Tkon technology in the Eremar system based on data given to them by the Omari Ekon, which was destroyed in mysterious circumstances. The Endeavour confronts the Tholians to protect the Sagittarius as it escapes with several Tkon crystals. Afterward, the Tholians pursue the Starfleet vessels as they flee to Vanguard, but are scared off when the Enterprise arrives.

Marcus and Xiong try to recreate the Tkon array with the crystals obtained by the Sagittarius but they don’t know how to make it work. T’Prynn mind-melds with Quinn to see the machine and equations shown to him by the Apostate just before its death. Quinn is overcome with grief as he has to relive Bridy Mac’s final moments. T’Prynn allows Quinn to experience her final moments with Sandesjo and then shows him how to deal with his loss and emotional pain. When Starfleet Intelligence discovers Quinn was able to recall the information in detail, they order T’Prynn to kill Quinn.

As the Vault personnel work to assemble the Tkon array, Marcus is bothered by constructing a massive weapon that runs off imprisoned sentient beings. Nogura respects her position and agrees with her sentiments but refuses to halt construction. When Marcus takes her complaints to the Federation Security Council, she and other civilian scientists are removed from Vanguard and taken to the Regula I station to continue their research.

Xiong manages to lock onto every Shedai entity within the Taurus Reach and pull them into the array’s crystals. The Tholians feel the imprisonment occur and wait to see what Starfleet does with the Shedai. Xiong and Nogura wish to study the Shedai, but Starfleet Command orders them to experiment with weaponizing the array. All Tholians are filled with pain when the array is activated and used to destroy a lifeless planet. The Tholians are angered that the Federation does not destroy the Shedai, and fear they may be in league with them, so they send the fleet they've been building along the border to destroy Starbase 47.

The only ships available to defend Vanguard before the Tholian armada arrives are the Endeavour, the Sagittarius, the Miranda-class Buenos Aires, and the Panama, a Starfleet cargo ship with a single phaser bank. Just before the Tholians attack, a call goes out for anyone with medical experience to assist on the station. Doctor Fisher abandons his transport to work in the station’s sickbay.

During the attack, main engineering aboard the Endeavour is subjected to a lethal dose of radiation. Mog and crew work to keep the ship running until they die at their jobs. The Panama and Buenos Aires are destroyed. The Sagittarius suffers casualties, loses shields, and is ordered to retreat by Captain Khatami; Captain Terrell is badly injured and is carried to sickbay. Xiong uses the Tkon array to destroy all the Shedai conduits in existence. The Enterprise arrives to protect the Endeavour as it beams out survivors aboard the station.

Aboard Vanguard, first officer Cooper is killed when ops is struck. Doctor Fisher is sucked into space and killed while rescuing injured crewmen. T’Prynn and Nogura are beamed aboard the Endeavour. After the Enterprise and Endeavour escape, Xiong, who is still locked in the Vault with the now released Shedai, activates the self destruct, destroying himself, the station, and all the Shedai.

April 2270

Pennington tells Reyes that the diplomatic fallout of the Battle of Vanguard was the Tholians accusing the Federation of crimes in the Taurus Reach and the Federation Council calling the attack a benevolent Tholian intervention to help Starfleet contain the Shedai after an accident. The Endeavour and Sagittarius were sent back to the Taurus reach to explore.

Reyes rows Pennington back to shore from his private island. When they arrive, Rana Desai is waiting for them. Reyes and Desai embrace and return to Reyes’ island. Pennington is left thinking of the love he lost on the Bombay and vows never to forget the events of Operation Vanguard.



Vanguard personnel and residents

BernsteinRaymond CannellaJon CooperYael DohanJudy DunbarEztheneIsaiah FarberSuzie FinneranEzekiel FisherVarech jav GekToby GreenfieldKirsten HeffronHofstadterHolmgrenChristian HumbergHaniff JacksonFelicia KnightKoothrappaliKiraarMaggieManónCarol MarcusDavid MarcusLisa McMullanHolly MoyerHeihachiro NoguraTim PenningtonCervantes QuinnGonzalo RoblesFellaren th'ShorasT'PrynnTahirKalen TarcohIvan VumelkoTom WalkerMing Xiong
Referenced only
Peter LiverakosRoySeklirSozlok

USS Endeavour personnel

Hector EstradaFaranAtish KhatamiStephen KlisiewiczAnthony LeoneMarielise McCormackBersh glov MogNeelakantaPaul NortonSlineyKatherine StanoStegbauerThorsen
Referenced only

USS Enterprise personnel

Pavel ChekovJames T. KirkJabilo M'BengaSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
Referenced only
Montgomery Scott

USS Sagittarius personnel

Lisa BabitzKaren CahowFaro DastinCelerasayna zh'FirroMike IlucciAdelard NassirRazkaSorakNguyen Tan BaoTarylClark TerrellVanessa TheriaultSalagho ThrexTorvin
Referenced only

IKS Zin'za personnel


IKS vaQjoH personnel


IKS Qu'vang personnel

Brakk, son of DurasNuqdek

Klingon High Council

DurasGorkon, son of ToqKeshKulokMolokSturka

ChR Valkaya personnel


Toj'k Tholis personnel


Tholian Ruling Conclave


Nimbus III residents

JetanienLugok, son of BregS'anra
Referenced only
D'tranSergio Moreno


Shedai AdjudicatorShedai AvengerShedai HeraldShedai ProgenitorShedai SageShedai WandererShedai Warden
Referenced only
Shedai ApostateShedai Maker

Other characters

AlodaeSelim AzizKhunying BoonmeeChangRana DesaiIllizarAndrew JarvisFrankie LibertiniEugene MyersDiego ReyesHarvey SeversonTelvaneValina
Referenced only
AdamAllahApolloAzetbur, daughter of GorkonBull BuchinskyComstockOriana D'AmatoFek'lhrGanzGene HarrisInarosKahless the UnforgettableLeila KalomiKasorKenji KhatamiParveen KhatamiKorokFerdinand MagellanBridget McLellanNeeraNezreneChristopher PikePrometheusAuguste RodinSobonStenT'NelT'PringTrelaneUzavehVraxKenneth Wescott

Starships and vehicles

IKS baS'jev (D7-class) • USS Buenos Aires (Miranda-class) • USS Endeavour (Constitution-class) • USS EnterpriseSS Ephialtes (Antaeus-class) • SS Linshul (Drogher-class) • SS LisbonUSS Panama (Equus-class) • IKS Qu'vangUSS Repulse (Anton-class) • USS Sagittarius (Archer-class) (RoxyZiggy) • Tholian fighterToj'k TholisChR Valkaya (Vas Hatham-class) • IKS vaQjoH (bird-of-prey) • ZaragozaIKS Zin'zaunnamed Tholian starships
Referenced only
USS Akhiel (Loknar-class) • USS BombayUSS ConstellationUSS DefiantDulcineaescape podFriday's ChildKenitraLant'z TholisUSS Lovell (Daedalus-class) • USS MalaccaNiwlolau LeuadUSS Nowlan (Antares-class) • Omari-EkonOrion corsairRocinanteUSS Tamerlane (Saladin-class)


Caldos IIEremarHujok systemIremal ClusterNimbus III (Federation EmbassyParadise CityVentus) • Qo'noS (First City) • Taurus ReachTholiaUrsanis IIVanguard (brigCafé RomanoDocking Bay 2Docking Bay 29Docking Bay 61Docking Bay 92External docking wheelFontana Meadowthe hubManón'sObservation loungeOperations centerPhaser Control DeltaquartersRepair Bay OneShannon'sStars LandingStation commander's officeStation controlTom Walker'sVanguard HospitalVault) • Velara II
Referenced only
Al NathAndorAriannusBeneciaBolarus IXCeti Alpha VCeti Alpha VIChelarEarth (New OrleansNew YorkPalais de la ConcordeParisStarfleet Headquarters) • Gamma Tauri IV/AvainenoranGarden of EdenGolmiraGre'thorIzar (Izar's Shroud) • Jinoteur IVKennovereKessikMars (Cydonia) • Mutara sectorPleiades ClusterRavanar IVRegulaRegula IRigelRomulan Neutral ZoneRomulusSilgos PrimeSomraw StationSto-vo-korTythorVulcan (Kren'than)

Races and cultures

AndorianArcturianBolianCaitianChelonDeltanDenobulanEfrosianGrazeriteHuman (IsraeliMartianScotSwedishThaiTunisian) • KlingonOrionRigelianRomulanSaurianShedai (Serrataal) • SilgovTellariteTholianTiburonianTrillVulcan
Referenced only
BreenCardassianGornKriosianMelkotMetronThe PatriarchyTalarianTzenkethiVekhal

States and organizations

Federation News ServiceHouse of DurasImperial IntelligenceJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilRomulan Star EmpireRuling Conclave of the Tholian AssemblyShedai ColloquiumStarfleetStarfleet IntelligenceTal ShiarTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Creole IndiansFederation CouncilFederation Department of the ExteriorFederation Diplomatic CorpsFederation Security AgencyFederation Security CouncilImperial Senate of the Romulan Star EmpireInterstellar News NetworkKlingon High CommandSeleyan OrderStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Research and DevelopmentTkon Empire

Science and classification

ammoniaamplitudeampouleantigrav palletantimatter injectorantiradiationarchaeologyartificial gravityatmosphereAugment virusbandwidthbeta wavesbiophysicsbosoncancercapacitorchemistrychlorinecircuit relaycloaking devicecommunicatorcomputer coreConduitcryptographydata carddata slatedeflector shielddeuterium tankdisruptorDoppler-effectduotronicduraniumDyson bubbleelectromagnetic fieldemission axisentropyenvironmental suitEremar arrayFeinberg receiverforce fieldfrequencygravitygrounding coilhologramholographic emitterhyper ionizing radiationhyposprayimpulse engineinertial dampenerinterphasic generatorJinoteur Patternlife supportlightsailmathematicsMirdonyae Artifact/Tkon crystalmuonneurocine gasneutrinoneutron staroxygenoxygen maskphaserphaser bankphaser couplingphoton torpedoplasma cutterplasma drillplasma relaypower couplingpower generatorprobepulsarquantum chemistryquantum physicsquantum subharmonic frequencyquarkradiationrepulsor gridsatelliteself destructsensor buoysensor scramblersolar rayssonic showerspatial interphasestatitesubspace communicationsubspace distortionsubspace pulseTaurus meta-genometelepathytractor beamtransparent aluminumtransportertricorderTyperian meningitisuniversal translatorviewscreenwarp corewarp drivewarp propulsionwaste-processingxenobiologyxenobotany

Ranks and titles

admiralagentambassadorattachébotanistcadetcaptaincenturionChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechefchief engineerchief medical officerchief of staffcolonelcommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation StarfleetcommodorecouncillordiplomatDirector of the Vaultdoctorengineerengineer's mateensignexecutive officerFederation Starfleet Liaison to the Presidentfield scoutfirst officerfleet commanderfleet operations managergeneralgunnergunner's matehealerhelmsmanintelligence officerjournalistlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior grademaster chief petty officermedical technicianmolecular chemistmusiciannavigatornursepetty officer first classpetty officer second classpoetPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirePresident of the United Federation of Planetsquantum physicistquartermasterrear admiralrecon scoutRomulan Ambassador to the Klingon EmpireSecretary of the Exteriorsecurity chiefsenatorsenior chief petty officerStarfleet Liaison to the Presidentsubcommandersublieutenanttheoretical physicistweapons officerXOyeoman

Other references

Andoriibaseballbat'lethBattle of Ravanar IVBattle of VanguardbeerBelhaven aleBelhaven Alebiometric profilebluesbourbonboxingbrigbrothelBrunello di Montalcinobucketbull mooseCaledonian whiskeycaramelcargo baycargo baycedarcherrychipotle hollandaise saucecoffeecourt-martialcreamcreditCrenshaw melond'k tahgdamage controlDenevan dogwoodduty shifteggs BenedictEnterprise IncidentFederation EmbassyFederation standardfire extinguisherforkliftgaghGeneral Order 24glengetGlenmorangieGTShairhazmatInterLinkjazzJolanKal-if-feekarmakatraKentucky bluegrassKoletLatticelinguine carbonaralyreMacallanmanormapleMardi Grasmeditationmedkitmind meldmopN'va'anovpu'oakOfficers' clubOmahaOperation FlytrapOperation VanguardPacification cevicheparleypianopiñatapinepipius clawpleekapoetrypokerPolitical CastemootpubertyqelIqamquillred alertRigelian mountain grassRihanRomulan aleRomulan tactical protocolsrugbysalmonSelonis Accordsshowerskirt steakslaverysoccerSong of the ProgenitorsoyStarfleet Code of Military Justicestarship combat tacticsstretcherstylusSubLinksubspace comm kiosksugarSummertimeSunrise on Zeta MinorTabascotaHqeqtargTarghee moonbeastTellarite languagetennisterrestrial enclosureTexas Hold 'emThe Thinkerthrakas carpaccioTisartlhIngan HoltoDSaHtofu stir-fryTy'Gokor redwoodval'rethvashavre'katrawarnogVulcan languagewalletWarrior Castemootwhite blossomxenophobia


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