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Jake and Nog take on a camp of ruthless assassins!


The wasteland.
Jake Sisko and his best friend, Nog, make plans to sneak aboard a shuttle Doctor Bashir is piloting down to Bajor. After all, it's been a while since Jake has been on a planet. And they'll be back before Commander Sisko returns to Deep Space Nine from his diplomatic mission in a nearby star system.
The boys expect to have a great time—they will secretly follow the doctor around and see the sights of Sakelo City. But what they see terrifies them as they watch the doctor being kidnapped!
Now with the help of a Bajoran girl, Sesana, Jake and Nog strike out on their own to find the doctor. First the three friends must make their way through the dangerous territory that surrounds the city. But finding the doctor in the Bajoran wastelands is only part of their problem. Then Jake and Nog have to rescue Doctor Bashir from an army of killers without getting captured themselves….



Atira SesanaJulian BashirBekleshCarik MadalNogQuarkBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoTikar AntolVeldorWhitefoot
Referenced only
Atira MeklatJadzia DaxFantoKira NerysKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienOpaka SulanRomSomak


BajorDeep Space 9docking ringFanto's RipHospitality TowerPromenadeSakelo CitySakelo Hub spaceportScar
Referenced only
EarthMarsVigan DeltaVigan Delta V

Starships and vehicles

Einstein (Starfleet shuttlecraft)
Referenced only
USS ExcaliburrunaboutThuvis

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaOrder of HispinStarfleetTurnawaysUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Bajoran CouncilBajoran ResistanceVedek Assembly

Science and classification

biosynergic acceleratorcloaking deviceholodeckmolybidenal landing padsonic showersubspaceturboliftvandellium

Ranks and titles

chief medical officerconstabledoctorkaisecret agentvedek

Other references

anthroliteaspthasteroidBajoran fizzBajoran religionbaseballchocolatecrocohippuscrystal tinglerfaborFerengi Rules of Acquisitionglopglowsilkloppmesto saladOccupation of BajorpastaRigellian howling hodo birdsevala


Related media

  • Kai Opaka's departure from Bajor in "Battle Lines" is alluded to.


  • Stowaways features Bashir unwinding by pretending to be a secret agent, which the series would later introduce in "Our Man Bashir". Brad Strickland commented "For some reason or other, it struck me that a very serious doctor might want to unwind by pretending to be a secret agent - and that was the genesis of the storyline. I was delighted later on when show writers picked up on that aspect of Bashir's personality and incorporated it into a couple of scripts". (Voyages of Imagination)




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